Catford South Local Assembly Meeting – 9 July 2019 – 7pm


You are invited to come along to the Catford South Local Assembly meeting!

The Assembly is a meeting for people who live work or learn in the Catford South area – you are a part of that community, so come along, have your say and get involved!

Date: Thursday 9 July 2019
Time: 7-9pm (arrive from 6.45)
Place: St Laurence Church Community Hall, 37 Bromley Road, Catford, SE6 2TS

What’s happening at this meeting?
Lewisham’s Public Health approach to tackling Violent Crime. Cllr Joani Reid

Unfortunately this item has been cancelled due to the ill health of our presenter. We hope to bring you this agenda item later in the year.
Violence ruins lives – not just those of the victims, but their families, friends and colleagues too – and we all have a role to play in finding a solution. Find out more here

That’s why Lewisham Council are taking a public health approach to the problem. It’s a way of tackling violence that puts the local community at its core, bringing people together to have conversations and find solutions.
Help us to come up with a plan to deal with the issue. Together we can bring about change and reduce the harmful impacts of violence.
Find out more HERE

Crime and Enforcement Team and Safer Neighourhood Team
Hear from members of the team about current issues of crime and anti-social behaviour in Catford South ward and what is being done to help resolve these.
Ask your questions and find solutions to ongoing problems. You can chat to the SNT and Crime Enforcement and regulation about your own issues as part of our market place event in the second hour.

Catford Mews – New Cultural Complex For Catford
One of the most exciting things to happen to Catford’s night time economy for ages! We are really excited to welcome Isra Al Kassi the Programme and Marketing Manager for the Really Local Group who are bringing Catford Mews back to life for the Catford community and giving us the first new multi-screen cinema for a generation.
You can also chat to them as part of our Marketplace event
Can’t come to the meeting? Find out more here: t: @CatfordMews

The Catford South Mega Marketplace Event

The second hour of the meeting is being turned over to our fabulous Catford South Community. Visit the stalls and chat to our friends from organisations from across the ward and join the #catfordconversation with Team Catford.
Who’s coming to the Marketplace Event

We are adding stalls all the time, but here is who has confirmed so far:

  • London Borough of Culture bid and Festival of Creative Ageing
  • Clean Air Catford
  • Corbett Resident Association/ Abbotshall Healthy Lifestyle Centre
  • Culverley Green Residents Association
  • Ravensbourne Residents Association
  • Ella Roberta Family Foundation
  • Team Catford – Join the #catfordconveration on the regeneration plans for Catford town centre. Can’t come to the meeting? Leave your views by visiting
  • Safer Neighbourhood Team, Crime Enforcement & Regulation
  • Catford Mews – Really Local Group
  • Lewisham Pensioners Forum
  • Positive Ageing Council
  • Your Local Assembly – How to get more involved in the Assembly
  • Lewisham Licencing – Give your views about our proposal to introduce licensing for all private rented homes in Lewisham. Can’t come to the meeting take the housing consultation by visiting this website:
  • …and many more…
  • New groups will be added to this webpage as they confirm.

    You will also have the chance to chat with your local Councillors during the marketplace

    We are still confirming our meeting refreshments – but rest assures there will be yummy goodies from a local business to keep us all going

    If you would like to update the assembly on anything, please let us know and we will try to give you a forum to promote your news – either at the assembly meeting, on on Facebook: @LoveCatfordSE6 or on twitter @Love_Catford

    We look forward to seeing you on the 9th of July at 7pm


    About Author

    Hi. I am the coordinator for the Catford South Local Assembly and a friend of all things Catford :-)


    1. Darnley Uwohu on

      Just a reminder about the next Catford meeting. Does any one know when it is. I would like a discussion on dogmess at the meeting. Thank. Darnley Uwohu

    2. Mande. Iyabesdu on

      Greetings everybody. I still don’t know when the next Catford assembly meeting is. Can anyone tell me please? Like all others I want to bring up DOGMUCK at the meeting, thanks. Mande.

    3. Alphonso Ramirez on

      Dear Lucy Love Cat.
      You say you are a friend of all things Catford, even Dog Muck? Please put it on the next Catford agenda. We’ve all got to do something about it and quick or we’ll all be sinking and stinking in it.

    4. Barney Wilson on

      Can I add my two penned the about Dog Muck Police in Catford. It sounds a grate idea. Will you please bring dog muck up at the next Catford meeting. Many thank. Barney Wilson

    5. Nina Benalova on

      Dear Catford residents. Dog Muck Police? Sounds mad but when you stink about it what a great idea

    6. David Dermody on

      Sorry to trouble you but Belinda has just told me about the suggestion about Dog Muck Police in Catford. What a marvellous idea. Thanks Belinda. I to not to be sniffed at. Seriously though please bring up dog muck at the next meeting. Thanks and best wishes. Dave Dermody.

    7. Belinda Blake on

      Hi Catfordites. Has anyone heard the suggestion that there should be DOGMUCK Police in Catford to deal with the problem. I think it’s a wonderful suggestion. Can you please bring DOGMUCK up at the next Catford meeting.
      Many thanks. Belinda Blake. I shall be there.

    8. Gilbert Osman on

      Hi. Can we please put dog dirt on the agenda for the next Catford South meeting? Everyone is fed up to the back teeth with dog muck. I was in Brighton the other day and said I was from round here someone said oh the DOGMESS capital of England. We don’t want that do we? To think that we live in an area with such a stinking reputation. Many thanks. Gilbert.

    9. Molly Barker on

      Just a quickie. Will you kindly bring up the massive problem of dog muck in Catford under AOB at tonight’s meeting? Many thanks.

    10. Brian Bridges on

      Do Catford walkers have problems with all the dog muck on the streets? No. They take it in their stride.

    11. Pat Kerrins on

      Hope to be there tonight . But will you be discussing the amount of beggars that are out in Catford/ Rushey Green ? Also , the benches by the entrance to the shopping center , just before the Black Cat : drinking and smoking cannabis most day .
      Pat Kerrins.

      • LucyLoveCat on

        Hi Pat
        hope to see you tonight.
        Yes Crime enforcement and regulation are attending so you can definitely talk to them about this. After their presentation they will be having a stall at our marketplace event to talk to residents about these issues – especially on the Broadway and shopping area.
        So please try and come if you can and speak to the team direct.

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