Brownhill road garden lifts spirits


Great first work day- like the montage in Sister Act when the Nuns throw open their doors and invite the community in! The changes ripple through the community.


OK There weren’t any nuns on the morning of 20th November but it was a very definite sense of this small, quiet church recognising their responsibility to their wider community and the community remembering the church was there. People not strong enough to wield a spade brought cakes, muffins, hot soup and sandwiches, and more sandwiches… platters and platers of sandwiches!


Not many volunteer days come with home made soups and french rolls stuffed with honey roast ham and mustard!

People beeped at us as they drove past, a vicar’s wife from Portsmouth parked up and came over to chat, as did lots of passers by. The dry cleaners across the road helped shift bags of soil and later sent over two boxes of bottled water!

The wild and ugly shrubs have gone along with the awful purple noticeboard, together we’ve created a blank slate from which a bright and colourful garden can be planted lifting the entire road.


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