Brownhill Road – Volunteering Session


Hello! Looking for a way to help you local community today?
Join the the congregation of the Brownhill Road Baptist Church for their third session to clear the large beds in front of the church and fill it with clean topsoil. Please spread the word!
Saturday 30 January
Brownhill Road Baptists Church, 292 Brownhill Road Catford.SE6 1AU (where Brownhill and Torridon Road intersect)

    Clear rubbish from the last of four large stone beds and plant it up with bulbs.
    Apply the final tonne of compost. So far the BRBC pensioners and their sprightly new Minister have shifted 4 tonnes of compost and top soil by hand.

Refreshments and a good lunch guaranteed! It’s an elderly church, but everyone who cant help brings cake and tea!

In a few short months, this will be a fresh outside space for all the community to use, so do join us this Saturday from 10am!
Next month- the plants go in!

Thanks to Catford South Assembly for the support so far!
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