New Brownhill Garden: Now Ready for Planting!


This weekend we had another fantastic session at Brownhill Road Baptist Church. Fuelled by sausages and beeps from passing traffic, the church congregation and volunteer team worked enthusiastically to get the huge stone beds ready in front of the the church ready for spring planting.

The Church has the largest public frontage on Brownhill Road; the new ‘Garden on the Hill’ will be a bright colourful space for the users of the church and passersby to enjoy. The refurbished garden will be big enough to host events and fairs.

On Saturday morning, the final stone bed was weeded and filled with fresh compost. It was planted up with bulbs donated from our Catford Bulbs in Bloom project ( a partnership project with the Catford Assembly) and the Metropolitan Public Gardens Association.

The garden team is mostly over 60 and have given so much energy to this project- a wonderful local legacy. You can find out more on this project on the Lewisham Gardens Facebook page and do look out for planting days next month, where we will be joined by the Cubs of Brownhill Road; it will be a busy day and we’ll need all hands on deck.

Twitter: @LewishamGardens

BRBC Garden Gallery


BRBC- Garden Beds


Very busy Brownhill Road


Repairing the fencing


Community Weeding!


Shifting a tonne of compost


Fresh top soil and compost


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