Saving Goldsmiths Community Centre


Saving Goldsmiths Community Centre South London Community Centre launches Crowdfunding Campaign with short Documentary film to prevent closure
“Goldsmiths SE6- Putting the Centre back into the Community”

Goldsmiths Community Centre has stood at the heart of the North Downham Estate for 76 years. It is in one of the most deprived postcodes in the country but has a vibrant mix of ethnic groups and ages. Over the years it has supported a needy population with healthcare, education, advice, training, and leisure facilities, but most importantly it is a place where the diverse community can come together fostering understanding, tolerance and cooperation in a way that no other facility can.

Please take 15 minutes of your time to look at our film, which outlines the history and importance of the Centre and our fight for survival and asks the public to make a small donation to support the future of a community and help us keep the doors open.

You can help us get the word out by posting and sharing this film on your blog / webites linking to our MY DONATE charities page…

“We need to work together to find ways in which we can raise funds to make sure we can breathe some life back into this fantastic building” – Heidi Alexander MP Lewisham East
Interview opportunities with the Trustees and local residents are available on request and we can offer you download links to the film for posting on your own video hosting platforms if necessary

“If we don’t have spaces for our community to meet we don’t have a community” – Trevor Pybus, Community Development officer
This essential facility is now threatened with permanent closure as a result of the combined effects of the recession, substantial funding cuts for community groups and the demands of an aging building in need of upgrading. The final blow was the discovery of asbestos in the loft of the building, which requires removal before any further development.

“In this current climate of austerity, fear of terrorism and reduced access to open spaces, the value of community centres such as Goldsmiths in bringing people together cannot be underestimated. If the Centre closes it will be lost for ever and the land almost certainly sold for development.” – Liz Wood, Chair Goldsmiths Community Association
The ground floor of the building is now completely safe for public use and funds have been secured for removal of asbestos in the loft. But, to survive, the Centre now needs an injection of funds to restore and update the building. We also need to be able to employ quality staff to help us continue to provide
our essential services and ensure the Centre remains at the heart of the community for generations to come. “The most important thing is giving the community the power to support itself” -Trevor Pybus Community Development officer


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