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Fed up with being flytipped?
Local People can’t take it any more and are fighting back.The Catford South Local assembly and amazing community leaders from Corbett Resident Association, Culverley Green Resident Association the Corbett Estate Neighbourhood Forum and interested local residents, are working together with the council to try and get to the root of the problem…

See the notes from the last Catford South Assembly meeting where local people quizzed the Head of Lewisham Council Environment Service on the issue

While this work is going on here are a few helpful links for reporting and disposing of large items
Reporting a current flytip
The Council have urged local people to use
This reporting website is simple to use and feeds directly to your local council so they can come and deal with the problem
How to report a problem on Fix My Street
1 Enter a nearby UK postcode, or street name and area
2 Locate the problem on a map of the area
3 Enter details of the problem
4 They send it to the council on your behalf
You can download the fixmystreet apps to your smart phone on Apple and Android
Disposing of large items like fridges and other white goods
Lewisham Council provides a service to remove large items

If you have large household items like fridges or TVs that are no longer in saleable or usable condition, you can take them to the Reuse and Recycling Centre, Landmann Way in New Cross.
If you are unable to take large items to the Reuse and Recycling Centre yourself, for a small charge you can use Lewisham Council’s large item collection service.
Please note: some white goods and electrical items have now been classified as hazardous waste. Visit our hazardous waste page for more information.

Use the links below to find full information from your council on the following:

    Collection service for large items
    Donate furniture and other household items​
    Mattress recycling
    Battery recycling
    TV and monitor recycling
    Recycling computers, computer equipment and ink cartridges​
    Recycling small electricals and mobile phones
    Light bulb recycling
    Licensed waste carriers

Disposing of Green Waste
You can now sign up for Garden Waste Collections for an annual fee
Order your green waste bin online
Order your £10 Compost Bin
Sign up for a free composting workshop

If you see fly tipping in action – what do you do
The advice from PC Andrew Reading was as follows:
We rely on you as the eyes and ears of our community, If things are dumped we use the fixmystreet app, there is a lot more of you than us.
If you see a car dumping – Try and get down the number plates of vehicles that are tipping. if we can get a description of the person, that really helps with enforcement. Don’t put yourself at risk under any circumstances but that is a real help,
We had an incident reported on Wellmeadow road and someone was able to take down the registration and now they are being prosecuted.
Once the word gets around that prosecutions are happening it should improve the situation.
Report it if you see it. Be our eyes and ears.
How do we report it to the police?
Catford South SNT – call 020 8284 5013 (In an emergency call 999), tweet @MPSCatfordSouth or email or report to the council directly as adviced on

We hope this information is useful while community groups and residents try and make a real dent in the issue – Watch out Fly-tippers…Catford South are coming for you!


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