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Please pledge your support for a fantastic local community project raising funds on Spacehive

Twilight. Music and children’s voices float across the terraced streets. A procession of lights swings into view. Happy children’s faces glow in the swaying lantern lights…

A hundred (or more!) children with mums and dads, friends and neighbours, walking to the beat of live drums and music and holding their handmade lanterns in celebration of the season and our life together as a diverse community.

With the guidance of Emergency Exit Arts in Greenwich, Local community members and organisations propose to make a community lantern parade where children from local schools and groups learn to build lanterns, then come together with family and neighbours on an evening in late autumn or early winter of 2016 to process together with their lanterns through the streets of Catford South ward.

Please read more about the project and how to support it here

What we’ll deliver:

  • Create a community-initiated lantern parade to bring the community together
  • Give the children an opportunity to be a part of something bigger than just their family or school
  • Hopefully start a yearly event that will be a highlight of the community calendar
  • Create an opportunity for the community to engage with each other in an active, positive, inclusive way
  • Build on Catford South’s growing sense of community through shared effort and experience
  • For lots more information, how to Pledge, leave a comment and get involved please check out the Catford South Spacehive site


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