What are the Priorities for the Catford South Assembly


You have identified a number of issues that you feel the local assembly should put their focus and funding in.
In our ward these are set for 3 years.

Here is a list of our current priorities, this list not only gives you an idea of the assemblies focus, it also helps you if you want to make an application to the local Assembly Fund.

Developing local opportunities for children and young people (aged 18 and under)
This priority will focus on creating opportunities for children and young people to be more involved in their area and become engaged in community opportunities and projects. The aim is to empower young people to develop and learn new skills for their future and to make lasting, local friendships.

Increase opportunities for older people
To help communities work more with older people to help reduce isolation through encouraging neighbourliness, bringing generations together, developing opportunities for older people to remain active, healthy and a part of the Catford South community.

Streetscape and environment
This refers to issues that affect how you feel about your area. The general appearance of the area including overall beauty, particularly around adding more trees and plants and a focus on the recurring
problem of litter, fly tipping and green waste dumping, dog fouling. Streetscape also includes condition of streets, roads and parking.

Community cohesion

As well as bringing communities together through local events and projects, community cohesion also puts a focus on tackling anti social behaviour and crime, working with the Police, Community Safety Team and
Neighbourhood Watch to foster better relationships throughout the local community and develop a greater sense of pride in the area.

Improvements to shopping hubs
Building on the work carried out on the Sandhurst Parade Feasibility Study, working with local businesses and the Council to help steer the future of local shopping hubs, particularly through consultation and involvement in planning at an early stage and ensuring the local voice is heard on the issues.


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