People’s Day


Local Assemblies team and the Catford South Assembly had a fab time at this years Peoples day!

As expected, so many people from Catford turned out to enjoy the festivities on the 9th of July. Celebrating all that is great in the Lewisham community, having loads of fun and ‘swinging their pants’

With The Local Assembly Team, the Positive Ageing Council were there, along with the team from The Lewisham Community Contributor Card, The Ella Roberta Family Foundation, Lewisham gardens and so many others it is impossible to list.
POSAC Publicity Capture
The Local Assemblies team put on an array of events in the Little Big Top and asked people their wish for their local area and wishes were placed on the ‘Wishing Tree’
3 winners were given free tickets to an Albany Autumn Season Show and tickets to the Curzon Cinema ay Goldsmiths University.
Catford Wishes capture

Little Big Top capture
Wishes for Catford included:
A Catford Lido, never getting rid of the Catford cat, a cinema in catford, better shops in Catford,, less pollution in Catford, more being done to promote Catford – this person cant have been on been on this web site 🙂 and many, many more
Assembly Team Capture
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