‘POVERA’ Shed – As featured Shed of the Year


He Was Robbed!
Amazing local artist Michael Connell and his wonderful shed in Catford ‘Povera’, was shortlisted for the 2016 Shed of the year award!

Michaels Shed was on Episode 3 of George Clarkes Amazing Spaces on Friday 12th of August, If you Missed it, watch it again on catch up tv All 4

Why not leave us a comment and tell us what you think about Michaels shed…and the outcome, and we can pass them on to him

We are so proud to support Michael and the upcoming, first ever Catford Artists Trail. You can visit Michaels shed as part of this trail.

povera shed 2Michael in Povera
“My shed is my domain. It’s a place where I can go and shut the door and be in my own world.
It’s a place that is full of inspiration and is my hub for creativity; where I can be at one with my surroundings and to take in all that the environment and atmosphere sends to me.
I view myself as a sponge and I love nature

When I built my shed I approached it in the same way I do my art, it was an un-going project, the structure of which changed as I was inspired with different ideas.

My shed is special as it’s a sanctuary. I built my shed in such a way that it surrounds the trees in back garden, the trees are always in my view because they inspire me”

My shed was mainly built from waste materials that I got from skips, building sites and also left-overs from my old shed.
As far as I’m concerned the shed itself is a work of art.
Year first entered 2016

Check out more of Michael’s art here


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  1. Cant believe it, the whole time I was watching I thought, there is no way Povera wont go through, it was by far the best!!! Anvils, PAH! Gutted for you Michael, but still so cool that this Shed and your art is in Catford

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