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What to do when you just cant can’t take it anymore

Dealing with noisy neighbours: Excessive noise from neighbours can be frustrating and can cause a lot of stress and worry. The link below gives advice on dealing with loud music, building work, car and house alarms, and general domestic noise.
Here is some advice from Lewisham Council

First, speak to your neighbours
In many cases, the person making the noise is unaware that they are causing a problem. If you are able to speak to your neighbours, the problem can often be sorted out quite quickly.
It is important to be a good Neighbour. The accepted time to turn down music is 11pm. If you are planning a party, drop a note through your neighbours doors with a contact number, if people know in advance they are usually fairly understanding, especially if it’s a one off. see Lewisham’s guidelines on reasonable domestic noise

If speaking to your neighbours does not work
Where an informal approach fails, and noise incidents continue, please contact Lewisham Council – they are available to discuss complaints during officer hours of 9am–5pm, Monday to Friday. Officers will advise you on what action if any the council can take against perpetrators of noise. We will require you to provide diary sheets detailing the incidents of noise you have experienced.

They do not currently provide an out of hours noise response service. While this is frustrating it does not prevent the council from investigating on-going noise issues.

If you are experiencing noise outside of these hours, please call the Crime Enforcement and Regulation Service during office hours to report the incident or email us using the details below.
Please send them your contact details, a description of the type of noise you are experiencing, the time this is occurring and where the noise is coming from. An officer will be in contact with two working days to discuss your complaint.

The environment page of the Lewisham Council website has lots of help available on many anti-social issues

if you have an issue with mechanical noise such as car alarms have a look at the Lewisham Coucnil advice on dealing with this here

Contact Crime Enforcement and Regulation Service
Tel: 020 8314 7237 Email:
Catford South’s Dedicated officer is currently Charlene Noel, you can email her on

Here is what Charlene had to say when she visited a recent Catford South Assembly Meeting:
“Our department used to be called the neighbourhood community safety service now we are the Crime, Enforcement and Regulation Service. The service has meshed as one team with anti-social behaviour, licencing, noise nuisance and trading standards. Anything that comes in around those areas our officers look into, our officers are now extremely busy.

The borough is cut into 4 quadrants, I manage the west side of the borough which covers Catford South, Forest Hill Perry Vale, and Rushey Green. I know Catford south well I grew up here.
I am here to talk to you about noise nuisance and what we do. Historically we had a noise nuisance team however, because of the cuts – the services have all been amalgamated so we now only have a noise nuisance team that is available 9-5. We realise most of the noise nuisance cases coming in at night and that there is an issue there.

How do we manage this? We have to prove as a council that a noise nuisance is classed as a statutory nuisance. Most of the parties that happen tend to be a one offs – so what we would do, is contact the residents and warn them about etiquette and behaviour of future events. If it is ongoing noise then our offers will go out at night and investigate. If it is proven to be ongoing, we will serve the repeat offender with an abatement notice. If they breach that notice, we will take legal action. That abatement notice lasts for a year.

Now, in the summer months, complaints go up as there are more bbq’s, parties, weddings etc. The noise nuisance team will be working more night shifts through the summer.
The service is constantly under review, we might need to change the service back to having officers working at night full time.

What we have found is that noise nuisance in the borough as a whole has dropped, but this could be because residents are more aware that we don’t have a night service so make fewer complaints about one off situations. Lewisham councils was one of the first to join their services together. Other boroughs are now following us, i.e. Southwark and Greenwich. That is the way we stand at the moment”.


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  1. Having to endure the Visitors at the property of 44 Sunnydene Street operating commercial buisness equipment is extremely low.

    Being disturbed from industrial powered sewing machine droning ,heavy iron base metallic equipment used impacts against my ceilings.

    This is torture mentally emotionally draining harrasing environment of people who don’t care if the noise with no insulation between the adjacent ceiling’s.Thedound and impact is overwhelming disturbing. Please someone who can relate to the attention of Manufacturing upholstery fabric designs consider the intrusive overpowering commercial noise.Very unpleasant experience.

  2. I am affected by a statutory noise nuisance from the property of 44 Sunnydene Street, Sydenham.
    The tenant at 44 is away this evening, night shift has a key worker….. She has freely allowed her visito, Michael James with his 2 kids present with an adult female visitor in her property to operate noisy commercial equipment to manufacture upholstery furnishing designs. This is excruciatingly unpleasant. night’ the property above me is a 2 bedroom flat poorly insulated so you can definitely be affected from the droning of the machine, the metallic iron base commercial equipment impacts against my ceilings and walls clearly.There is no insulation to avoid a industrial powered sewing noise which is insufferable. The machine is constantly running for 18 hours through the night, 7 days a week.
    THis is distressing, disturbing, draining…living hell where this affects my sleep, my social enjoyment in the evenings dominated by factory noise. This is a living nightmare of people who couldn’t care less of others. COVID-19 MIXING OF HOUSEHOLDS IS A JOKE TO THE INDIVIDUALS AT 44 WORKING AT UNSOCIAL HOURS NOT EVEN TENANTS OF THE PROPERTY OF 44 sUNNYDENE STREET BOTH TENANT & HER MINI WORK FORCE. tHIS IS CRIMINAL PLACING OTHERS AT RISK.This has affected my health from the constant intrusive unwarranted noise with painful migraines , chest pains. My Anxiety levels has increased massively due to the amount of undue stress inflicted by the irresponsible people at this massively

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