Planning in your local area


What are the Local Councils rules around local planning and how you can have your say on planning issues affecting you.
Find out all you need to know about planning on the Lewisham Council Planning webpage These pages have extensive information available on the following issues

  • Do I need Planning Permission
  • Frequently asked Questions
  • The Application Process
  • Planning Policy
  • Conservation and urban design
  • Houses in Conservation Areas
  • Unauthorised development
  • Building control
  • Land Charges
  • and regeneration
  • You can also directly access the planning portal where you can find and comment on applications online, get pre application advice, make a planning application also downloading the documents you need and contact the planning team direct

    Alternatively, you can email or write to the Planning Service, including your address. You can comment on an application even if you have not been formally consulted.

    I want to make a comment on an application?
    Planning must receive your written comments within 21 days of the start of the consultation period. If you need help making comments on a planning application, contact the planning officer named on the consultation document.
    If the planning application needs to be considered by the Planning Committee, and you have submitted comments, you will be informed when the meeting will take place.

    Contact the Planning Service
    Third Floor, Laurence House, 1 Catford Road, SE6 4RU
    Tel: 020 8314 7400; 9am–1pm and 2–5pm, Monday–Friday.

    More Council links you might find useful
    Regeneration of Catford
    Catford Town Centre Local Plan
    Corbett Estate Neighbourhood Plan:

    Below are notes on the presentation given by a the Planning and Enforcement Manager at the Catford South Assembly Meeting in July 2016
    Structure of planning service – within resources and regen directory. Headed by Janet Senior and Emma Talbot, it includes development managers, design and conservation manager enforcement team and a Business support team.
    The Planning team carries out the Council’s town planning functions. Development plans, strategy, neighbourhood plan and so on. 4000 planning aps each year. General planning aps, new builds extensions etc. applications for conservation consent and so on. Apps within conservation areas are subject to special considerations and dedicated policies. We also have Planning Committees, 3 planning committees and a strategic planning committee. They deal with things that have had 3 or more objections from the community, or larger applications, or if an application has been referred by a councillor. These have to be decided within a nationally decided timescale, small within 8 weeks, larger within 13. Most are decided within these time periods.
    All applications are available for viewing on the council website. Comments can be posted on the web, gives individuals to be notified by developments that affect their area either by property, road or applications submitted within a period. People likely to be affected directly are sent a letter details of the applications and where to send their comments/objections. There are notification procedures and officers do take further inspections. They are also advertised by local notices, the developer will put up the signs. The Council are responsible for conservation area signs and larger developments.
    I am not a neighbourhood planning expert. In general, introduced by the localism act 2011, where local communities can influence planning policy and process for an area. When adopted a neighbourhood plan becomes part of a statutory document.


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