A fantastic victory for sustained grassroots community action


Local councillors in Rushey Green received a letter which they have asked us to circulate!

Dear Councillors,

I write to update you on the above scheme, which was deferred by Strategic Planning Committee in March.

Following a period of review, the applicant, Barratt London, has written to us to confirm their withdrawal of the planning application to build a 19-storey residential tower on the former Catford Greyhound Stadium site. It is our understanding that they will now proceed to implement the existing consent for an 8-storey block on the site between the stations.

Please feel free to pass on this news to any interested parties.

Kind regards,


Suzanne White
Senior Planner – Development Management
Planning Service, London Borough of Lewisham
3rd Floor Laurence House, 1 Catford Road

Thank you very much to all who supported our opposition!

Liz Plant
Founder member of 19 storey opposition group


About Author

I am a retired carer with nine years of experience as layout editor of a local magazine in Somerset. I now live in Catford with my partner.


  1. How about some sustained grassroots community action to get Milford Towers pulled down?

    • Lucy Formolli on

      There seems to be a bit of a twitter campaign going to get it painted !?! – maybe ask this question to Gavin Plasskit from the regeneration and space team at the local assembly meeting on Monday the 17th of October 🙂

  2. I feel more concerned about the quality (space, layout, amenity) of the individual units than I do about the overall footprint for many of these developments. Of course developers should aim to maximise the return for their investors, but the planning authority should require them to build livable units. So many of the new build properties we go to look at are cramped and small – I could touch opposite walls of the living room in one.

  3. No thanks to the planning committee who merely ducked the issue and deferred a decision when hundreds of residents showed up at the committee meeting ! Only one Labour Party Councillor and the Green councillor looked poised to vote Barrett’s dreadful plan down.

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