Sandhurst Parade Street Improvements Consultation


Sangley Rd & Sandhurst Rd streetscape improvements
Proposed enhancement of the streetscape between Shorndean St and Muirkirk Rd

Sangley Road
Lewisham Council is conducting this consultation to seek your opinion on the significant improvements to the area around the Sangley Road and Sandhurst Road shopping parade.

In February 2015 we consulted with your councillors and key local stakeholders to find out the main issues and aspirations. Subsequently, an initial consultation was carried out in July 2015 on conceptual proposals.
The plan and perspective view on this page illustrate Lewishams current proposals for the
area, taking into consideration the issues raised by local residents. The council would now like to receive comments on our proposals.

The main objectives are:

    Support the introduction of a borough-wide 20mph speed limit, reducing vehicle speeds and improving safety at junctions.
    Control illegal parking.
    Help the local economy by improving the overall appearance and accessibility of the street through upgraded paving and street trees.
    Make the street more pedestrian friendly and encourage sustainable travel modes.

The main proposals are:

    Narrow the available carriageway width to 6.4m and widen footways.
    Introduce raised tables at junctions. This improves safety by reducing vehicle speeds and provides a better facility for pedestrians to cross. Where vehicles cross over the footways, pedestrians have priority.
    Increase the number of available parking spaces outside the shops. All parking is now in designated bays on the footway.
    We have interspersed parking bays with trees to help improve the asthetics of the street environment and to visually break the line of parking.

Please be aware that as part of proposals illegal crossing of the footway by drivers to access front gardens will be restricted. Therefore it is up to the individual property owners to apply to the council for a formal vehicular cross over so this can be provided as part of the design. Applications made before
the proposals are completed could receive a discount if construction can be undertaken within our works.

Your feedback is valuable to us. Please return your comments (End date:
Fri 29th October) to the following email address:

This project is funded by Transport for London (TfL) through the borough’s Local Implementation Plan (LIP) programme.
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  1. The main problem along Sandhurst Parade is the litter, we really need bins for the residents above the shops and daily rubbish collections for shop owners. This will improve the area greatly.

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