Artwork at the corner of Muirkirk and Sandhurst Parade


The Barber shop on the corner of Muirkirk and Sandhurst Parade has commissioned a wall mural during Black History Month. It makes me proud to live in Catford when I see how an alley way, previously used for rubbish, can suddenly become a beautiful art space.

I just happened to stop and admire the work and talked to some of the ladies watching two artists at work last weekend. The artist had been working several hours and was completing the pictures in the dark. I asked the ladies who was paying for the work and they said the barber shop was. But the alley way, at the back of the shops was an eyesore and the rubbish overflowed down the alley way. There are three pictures up at present Ray Charles, Mohammad Ali and Grace Jones. More are to follow.

Rona Dixon



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I am a retired carer with nine years of experience as layout editor of a local magazine in Somerset. I now live in Catford with my partner.

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