Proposed Travellers Site in Catford or New Cross


Lewisham Council is asking for our opinions regarding the location of a new travellers site. The choice is between South Catford and New Cross. You can read the details and respond via a short survey using the links below.

Catford – potential traveller site

New Cross – potential traveller site

Have your say on our Gypsy and Traveller consultation

Complete their survey

There is nothing wrong with providing a travellers site, it is a legal requirement. There are clear differences between the sites. The proposed Catford site does not seem to be as suitable a site as the New Cross site as it has several potential issues.

The New Cross site has easy access from main roads, is away from housing and water courses where pollution might be an issue. The site is currently vacant.

The Catford site is next to the Ravensbourne River south of Catford with a potential for pollution as well as being next to housing. A local business will have to be relocated.

Can you please make your views known by completing the above consultation forms whilst bearing the above points in mind? The deadline for your views is 30th November 2016.

You can also read about it on the Brockley Central Blog.


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I am a retired carer with nine years of experience as layout editor of a local magazine in Somerset. I now live in Catford with my partner.


  1. Andrew Keats on

    The New Cross site already has a function! It’s in use as a social club which also functions as a church on some days as well as function rooms for hire. The adjoining play area is frequently used by children from the local estate and taking that away from them would be very damaging for their development.

    It’s hard to say this but I’m going to call you out on veiled NIMBYism given that the Catford site isn’t already occupied!

    • The Catford site is already occupied (and part owned by Network Rail.) This information is available from LB Lewisham if you care to look .

      • Andrew Keats on

        Well, more specifically I meant occupied and actively used. To that end, I should point out that the report of the shortlisted sites created by Lewisham Council stated that the portion of land owned by Network Rail is only for storage. There was a statement in the report to the effect of suggesting that this land could be considered more or less unused, and certainly under-utilised.

        The important thing to realise here is that while part of the Catford site might have objects resting there, they are easily relocated, while in contrast, local residents are actively using the space in New Cross to the benefit of the community.

  2. I have completed the survey spelling out in no uncertain terms that the New Cross site is suitable and the Catford site totally unsuitable – hopefully they will take that on board!

  3. Catford site is too dangerous for the traveller kids , and the river there will be polluated and will cause health issues and affect the quality of life for people living around , new cross site is very suitable.

  4. cristina micu on

    The newcross site is much more suitable as a traveller site , they will be a lot of issues for catford site .

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