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November 29th 2016

#GivingTuesdayLewisham, a day of giving, takes place on the Tuesday following Black Friday and is a chance to give something back after all that shopping! #GivingTuesdayLewisham reminds everyone it’s good to give – and encourages people to come together and share the goodwill.

Whether it’s making a donation, volunteering some time or just spreading the word at the start of the Christmas shopping season, #GivingTuesdayLewisham aims to encourage people, charities and businesses to donate their time, skills, and money to help a good cause.

What are you going to give?

Struggling for ideas? – CLICK HERE

Don’t forget to tweet #GivingTuesdayLewisham to let us know how you get on!

Do you volunteer already? If you do you are entitled to receive the Lewisham Local ‘Community Contributor Card’
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