Congratulations on an amazing Lantern Parade


Huge Congratulations to Local resident Martha O’Toole and Emergency Exit Arts (EEA) on there amazing work to give our children such a wonderful local experience – The Catford Kids Lantern Parade!

Barbara Grey, local resident and community developer wrote

“I would like to say thank you Martha for having the idea and sticking with it and all the hard work locally to involve so much of the community and make this evening such an amazing success.
I spoke to a lady who came out of her house and she said she had lived in her house since 1956 and she had never seen anything like this here and it is fantastic.
Amazing, great vibe, incredible, bringing people together out of their houses and into the street … these were just some of comments people told me as I walked along.
Everyone was smiling coming out of their, looking through windows and taking photos.
The security guys were great running ahead checking the route and directing traffic well in advance of everyone coming along so everyone was safe.
And the procession, I was so proud of everyone who took part and – the procession was a real spectacle.
Thanks to EEA for their expertise making sure it went well, was safe and the great spectacle it was.”

All of us at Love Catford completely agree and are really proud of our local residents and children for making this such a mega event.
Really hoping to make this an annual occasion, so we will be giving Martha as much support as we can going forward.


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