Catford South Ward – MPS Be Safe Campaign


As part of the Metropolitan Police Service’s ‘Be Safe’ initiative, a new humorous video tells the story of a woman hailed as a local hero for stopping burglars from entering her home.
You can watch it here.
The video is part of the ‘Be a Hero’ campaign that launched this week, highlighting that by taking small steps, everyone can fight crime. We know that across London one in five burgled homes was left unsecure. We also know that the more obstacles you place in a burglars way, the less likely they are to target your home – the small things really do make a difference. If everyone remembered to hide valuables, double lock their door, shut and lock windows and leave a light after dark, together we could have a huge impact on burglary in this borough.
If you are an organisation, please feel free to share this via your online channels too, using the copy below:
“HERO MOTHER STOPS BURGLARS. Watch the film here  and for more crime-fighting tips visit
Thank you for your support. And for more burglary prevention advice visit


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