Changes to recycling clothes and textiles in your green bins


Catford South residents beware! Apparently we can no longer put textiles in our green bins.

A local resident recently fell foul of changes in the procedures regarding the collection of recycling. You can no longer put textiles in your green bin and risk your bin not being emptied.
We have been asked to clarify the situation for you all, so have been in contact with the team at Lewisham Environment.

They told us:
“The Council’s contractor no longer takes textiles in the green recycling bin.
We have done a number of communications about this including putting a red cross on the sticker (although weathering has meant that this has come off), and a letter distributed by the crews to householders informing them of the change.
Our website is up to date with the correct materials and we have put this out on social media. However, not everyone will have seen all of these.
As we’re changing our services we’re currently developing new communications materials and with this a new sticker for the recycling bins to show textiles are no longer collected.
People should see the new stickers over the coming months. People can take their textiles to charity shops or one of the bring banks around the borough.
I hope this clarifies the situation and apologies for any confusion.”

Thank you Lewisham Environment for such a clear and prompt response to our query

It seems that many of us didn’t receive a letter, so here it is – we hope this information helps.
Letter to residents recycling
For information on recycling check out the waste and recycling pages of the Lewisham Council website
What you can recycle
How to dispose of your textiles

If you have a local friend or neighbour who is not online, please help by letting them know about these changes.

Here are the details of Lewisham’s Textiles Banks
1. Fernbrook Road Off Manor Lane Access From A205 SE13 5NF
2. Longbridge Way Off Lewisham High Street SE13 6NJ
3. Canadian Ave First Left After Catford GYR C/P SE6 4SR
4. Albion Way Off Lewis Grove / Lewisham High St SE13 6BT
5. Sydenham Road By Porthcawe Road SE26 5SL
6. Lewisham Council, Laurence House, Canadian Avenue
7. Wood Vale Outside Block Flats 270/332 Wood Vale SE23 3DZ
8. Sydenham Hill / Lammas Green SE26 6LT
9. Grove Street , Off Eveln Street Deptford SE8 3QG
10. Brookmill Road Deptford Opp Lind Rd/St Johns Vale SE8 4JE
11. St Norbert Road / Turnham Road Opp Shops SE4 2HH
12. Catford Bus Terminal A21 Bromley Road SE6 2QQ
13. Beckenham Hill Rd past the Entrance Bekenham Place Park SE6 3PU
14. Forster Park Whitefoot Lane Opp Haddington Rd BR1 5RQ
15. Baring Rd Bus Term Between Petrol Stn & Sainsbury SE12 0DU
16. Eltham Road Just In Leyland Road SE12 8SS
17. Burnt Ash Hill Junct Glenmere Row SE128RH
18. New cross rd junct St James SE14
19. Blackheath Grove SE3 0AU

When we here more about the further changes to refuse collection services, we will let you know as always


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