Community Roadwatch 2017


What is Community Roadwatch?
A road safety partnership scheme run by TfL, MPS and CoLP.

• To improve road safety in London by reducing the number of speed-related collisions.
• To improve public confidence in the MPS and TfL’s efforts to reduce speed in residential areas.
Local residents will work with their local police teams using speed detection equipment to I.D speeding vehicles.

This is NOT an enforcement exercise; education and engagement only.

What Happens to the Speeder?

  1. The registered keepers of the offending vehicles are sent a first warning letter.
  2. If caught a second time the second letter warns the keeper that if caught a THIRD time the vehicle will be added to ANPR and may be targeted for enforcement.
  3. Third time + offenders will be added to ANPR and considered for targeted enforcement (a separate exercise to Community Roadwatch).

Site Locations
A combination of:

  • Injury collision hotspot locations
  • Locations of community concern

Training and Health & Safety
On-Street Training on the speed detection devices will be given by fully-trained Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs).
Volunteers have to read a volunteer briefing sheet and sign a disclaimer at the beginning of each session
All sites will be risk assessed by officers prior to use.

Progress in 2015
2,000 vehicles detected speeding Aug – Dec 2015 in five London boroughs

How To Get Involved
The schemes are managed locally by Police Safer Transport Teams.
To take part or recommend a location of concern, please contact your local Safer Transport Team.
Details can be found here or email us at:


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