Active Lifestlyes for ALL – Walking Football May 2017


Active Lifestlyes for ALL is pleased to announce Walking Football arrives at Abbotshall Road HLC this month!

Whether you’ve never kicked a ball before, or an experienced football veteran looking to slow things down, or you simply want to get out of the house to socialise and meet new people……. Walking Football is open to all!

To kick start it all off we are offering 2 FREE TASTER SESSIONS.

Monday 22nd May 18:30
Saturday 27th May 12:30

(The sessions will take place on the outdoor football pitch)

What is Walking Football?

Walking football is simply Football as you know it BUT restricted to a walking pace. This lowered intensity reduces the threat of pain, discomfort and injury.

What are some health benefits of Walking Football?

1)      Reduced risk of injury.

2)      Increased cardio-vascular fitness.

3)      Effective in the treatment of mild/moderate hypertension.

4)      Strengthens muscles and increased bone density.

5)      Improved social wellbeing.

Who can join in?

EVERYONE, regardless of age or gender, you can still reap health benefits as the physical demands remain manageable. There is no upper age limit and it’s a great way to increase mobility and get active!

How do you join in?

Call the office on 0208 698 6637 or email to book your place. Or you can simply turn up on the day!

Come along and give it a go! The goals won’t score themselves!!!

Kind Regards,

The Active Lifestyle for ALL Team.



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