What have Cows got to do with Catford?


When we were developing the website we created a number of logos for the site. The one we went with was the street sign. But one of the other designs was the cow you can see above. It was very different and some people asked what has a cow got to do with Catford?

Catford is associated with the big Cat above the shopping centre. It’s an iconic symbol of Catford to most people (“Oh Catford, don’t you have that big cat?”. But apart from the fact that Catford begins with Cat, is there any connection to our neighbourhood?

According to Wikipedia it is said that the name originates from black cats, associated with witchcraft, being thrown into the ford (a shallow part of a river where you can cross by foot) to drown during the witch hunts.

However, given Catford’s location it is more likely that it derives from Saxon times when people used to take their cattle across the River Ravenbourne at the ‘cattle ford’.

And that’s where the cows come in!!

So there’s actually a strong link between cows and Catford – hence the logo.

We’ve made the cow the face of our twitter @Love_Catford. How do you feel about it? Send us your view.


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I am a retired carer with nine years of experience as layout editor of a local magazine in Somerset. I now live in Catford with my partner.

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