Next Catford South Assembly Meeting – Tell us your priorities now!!!


We are delighted to invite you to the next Catford South Assembly Meeting
Date: Monday 10 July 2017
Time: 7-9pm
Place: St Andrews Hall, Sandhurst Road, Catford SE6 1XD
The items on the agenda will be posted her on Love Catford as we confirm them

Before the assembly meeting, we are asking you to help us ‘long list’ the assembly priorities.
The Assembly creates its local action plan and develops its funding guidance based on the priorities of local people. We have decided its time we take stock and have another look at what REALLY MATTERS TO YOU!
You can fill in this mega quick survey use the comments on this website to tell us, tweet us on @Love_Catford or email me at to tell us what your priorities are.
It could be parking, more art, greening, noise nuisance, fly tipping, more activities for kids – absolutely anything that you want us to focus on to make your area better.

This long list will be shortlisted at the meeting on the 10th of July, so if you care passionately about your proposals then make sure you tell us and be there on the night to help them make the shortlist.


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Hi. I am the coordinator for the Catford South Local Assembly and a friend of all things Catford :-)


  1. Geraldine Kiernan on

    Hello. I can’t attend this meeting but as a local resident I’d like an update on the proposed traffic lights at the Bromley Road, Canadian Avenue and Bargery road intersection – when is this happening and and when is the road reducing to a single lane? This junction seems dangerous and often it is very difficult to cross Bromley Road. Additionally, the traffic speeds past at all hours of the day and night.
    Thanks in advance.
    Gerry Kiernan

  2. david mullen on

    you need to have commuter car parks which are free. if we have cpz we will have to pay this is a poor borough also this is inconvenient to most people you have put cpz in hither green and the traffic has now come to catford area what are you doing your causing havoc in every area cpz are no good


    We have heard in the recent Culverley Green Residents Association AGM, and at the Catford South Assembly in the winter, of many problems arising from parking difficulties, some leading to disputes with commuters parking across driveways.

    Councillor Smith in that AGM was very sympathetic and encouraging as he reported that the problems have spread to south of our own conservation area. We are the only section around the town centre to have no restriction. Many residents have been against a Controlled Parking Zone, and many have changed their minds to realise that a CPZ is needed. It has been over ten years since Lewisham held a formal consultation. Our own meeting six years ago was open to all and attended by many from south of our area, all against of course. It is now possible to have a CPZ with restriction for only two hours mid-day.

    The Borough Engineers advise send your complaints and requests for a CPZ naming your address to Make the subject: ‘CPZ request’ , and name of your road. Advice is to copy in your councillor :

    You may as well or instead make a complaint or request on line at:

  4. Everywhere I go I’m hearing how much people love the Brockley Street Art project. Really beautifying some ugly areas. Thoughts??

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