Help support tree planting at Holbeach Primary School Catford


Parents of Holbeach Primary School have come together to create green space inside the playground for the children.

Fundraising has already started for trees to be planted outside of the school. We have received some amazing funding support from the Friends of Holbeach, as well as match funding from the Greater London Authority and also sponsorship for one tree from Catford Green – Barratt London and two trees from Team Catford.

With the help of Street Trees For Living, this will help to combat the negative impact cars and pollution are having on the health of our children, and to improve the feel of the area.
Planting for this should begin this Autumn 2017.

It is scientifically proven that green space and trees are extremely beneficial to the physical as well as mental health of both adults and children, so we are raising funds toward the cost of materials to create a greener environment for our children inside the school grounds as well, to make the air cleaner for their little lungs and their play area more enjoyable.

They’ll be working in partnership with JMC Landscapes who are providing their landscaping and design skills free of charge, to plant trees, climbers and improve the planters inside the playground and around the school.

All donations are welcome – especially money, plants, time or suggestions – and will really help to make a difference.
Please Pledge now here and support this wonderful project to help improve the health an lives of our children
For more information please contact:
You can also follow the friends of Holbeach on Twitter @HolbeachFriends and @Broc_Soc_Trees


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