Jacquline Hannam – Akhanda Yoga – Yin Yoga – Face Yoga


Currently Teaching at HLC Abbotshall Rd SE6
Every Sunday 10.30 to 11.45am
Classes Mixed ability

Jacquline’s professional life over the last 30 years has been working on the Creative &Technical areas within of Fashion industry; however, her other passion has been appreciating the benefits of a holistic approached to life through diet and physical activities and the positive impact they have on managing pain., she gradually began her journey to manage her sometime crippling condition, Fibroids and Endometriosis. Exploring and learning about the benefits of Yoga practices, while expanding her knowledge of highly nutritious Bio available foods.
Over the last 30 years, she has learnt through her own body, the importance of a holistic consideration to health and well-being and continues to have an avid interest in health & nutrition. Turning to Vegetarianism over 35 years ago, she leant to explore new ways to improve health through nutritious foods; her growing knowledge of nutrition and wonderful tasting food is still a lifelong passion that she continues to share through Yoga and Ayurveda workshop.
Whilst having been a Yoga practitioner for many year, she gradually began to embracing the full spectrum of Yoga teachings. Coming from a corporate demanding background, requiring you to constantly move on the next ‘New thing’ the practice of Yoga and ‘allowing’ while ‘being present’ was and still is a very powerful lesson for her, both on and off the mat! Overtime there has been a gradual realization that her practice has contributed to managing her severe pain, and has also been a lifelong lesson in how to mentally and physical deal with life’s ongoing challenges.
In Sanskrit ‘Akhanda’ means ‘whole’ or ‘indivisible’ and encompasses divers’ aspects of Yoga practice including Asana, Pranayama Meditation, Mantra and Visualization. Akhanda Yoga lineage is in Hatha Yoga. Jacquline’s classes integrate strong asana sequences and holistic flow to create challenging but authentic sessions.
As an Akhanda Yoga, Yin Yoga and Face Yoga teacher it is her desire to hold the space for others to explore Yoga practice, to finding inner peace strength and tranquility to fully express themselves in the world.

Jacquline Hannam ~Maitri



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I am a retired carer with nine years of experience as layout editor of a local magazine in Somerset. I now live in Catford with my partner.

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