Food and Drink @ People’s Day 2017


When you’re not dancing the afternoon away at one of our stages or enjoying any one of the activities we have to offer, why not sate your hunger and quench your thirst at one the many food and drinks vendors we will have on offer at this years People’s Day! Here are just a few you’ll have to choose from (WARNING: This article may cause severe cravings!).


Known by many in the area, this restaurant has been an absolute powerhouse in the South London culinary scene for almost two decades. Located in Forest Hill, this award-winning Indian restaurant combines traditional cuisine with a modern twist, and they’ll be bringing their delicious cuisine to People’s Day on July 8 – don’t miss it!

Ambulance Bar

‘Doctor Doctor, I’m suffering from extreme thirst and everything I’ve tried is bland!’
Well suffer no more, because the Ambulance Bar is coming to People’s Day! Here you can enjoy some very unique themed cocktails, and not only that, but they’ll also be serving up slushies! If thirst is the emergency, then the Ambulance Bar is the cure!

Vegan Burger Bar

Once upon a time, it would have been very difficult to get a good meal that didn’t contain meat or dairy. That’s not the case anymore, and this family run vegan fast food stall is here to prove that! With classics such as burgers, hot dogs, burritos and more – you won’t even think about meat again after going to the Vegan Burger Bar. Animal-free, cruelty-free, taste-FULL!

Simmons Crêperie

Bonjour! Aching for some delicious homemade crepes? Well Simmons Creperie at People’s Day is the place to go! With a wide variety of choices: sweet, savoury, vegetarian, gluten-free – you name it, they’ve got it. And if that wasn’t enough, you can wash it all down with a traditional French cider. If you close your eyes and take a bite, you might actually think you’re in the North of France! Bon Appétit!

If that wasn’t enough, we also have renowned vendors such as Dungarees Coffee, Nonno Luigi Pizza, Slush Shack and many more! Mouth watering yet? It is? Well you’ll have to get on down to People’s Day! With a wide variety to cater to every appetite and dietary need, there’s no excuse not to. Get ready to tickle those tastebuds, see you on July 8 🙂


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