The Stage Bus Stage @ People’s Day 2017


Introducing one of the most varied stages at this years People’s Day, get ready for some of the best alternative music we have to offer – from queer punk to reggae, this is the Stage Bus Stage!

The Worries : 7:15pm

Wanna know why they’re called The Worries’? Because it’s been said that after they’d performed, the acts following them would seem a little bit worried! Wondering why? Come and check out this reggae ensemble at People’s Day to find out, and just so you know, they’ll be our concluding act on this stage so don’t worry, be happy!

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Winnie and the Rockettes : 6:30pm

Forming in 2016, this band has quickly risen to become one of the hottest acts today with a fusion of funk, rock and soul. They say themselves that their alchemy turns lead to gold, and on July 8, they’ll be using that Midas touch on the Stage Bus Stage! They rock, they roll, they funk and they got soul!

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Future Sound Cartel : 5:45pm

Straight out of South East London, this musical project features a range of rotating musicians, but whilst the artists may change, the quality does not! A metamorphosis of alternative vocals, acid guitars and electronics, this will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience – literally!

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Velodrome : 3:40pm

Velodrome is a queer alt-rock act drawing on influences from the medieval and baroque through to rockabilly, grunge, and west coast rock. With themes including gender, mental health and social inequality, the performances are theatrical and often feature unexpected props and costumes.

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Charmpit : 3:00pm

Hailing from New Cross via California, Charmpit bring jangly guitar, bouncing drums and the power of femme friendship to the London queer DIY music community.

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Interested? Well come on down to People’s Day on July 8 to enjoy these and many more! For more information on the festival, click here.


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