Petition to install measures to reduce speeding on Sandhurst Road, SE6


Local Catford South resident is asking you too sign his petition to Lewisham Council to
Install effective measures to reduce speeding and traffic related problems on Sandhurst Road, SE6

Kristian says
“There is a 20 miles per hour speed limit on Sandhurst Road (SE 6) and on many of other roads in the area.
This speed limit is often neglected by many cars, motorbikes, trucks and buses that drive up and down the road. The problem is particularly bad on Sandhurst Road due to heavy traffic.
Some vehicles and motorbikes even seem to be using the road as a racing track since it is a straight road and the speed bumps do not cover the entire width of the road and are too flat to have any real effect.
There are many children and some elderly people living on the street and the outright reckless driving is dangerous.
There is also a lot of vibration in the ground when the large vehicles, double decker buses and trucks go over speed bumps at a high speed. The large vibrations in the ground make the houses on the street shake causing cracks in walls and ceilings and other related damage, not to mention the constant noise and pollution from increased engine acceleration.

The above causes substantial damage to the houses and quality of life for the residents living on Sandhurst Road.
The parallel roads to Sandhurst Road have proper speed bumps that effectively reduce the speed to the actual limit of 20 Miles per hour – unlike the ones on Sandhurst Road.
Unfortunately, many (if not most) vehicles use Sandhurst Road as a thoroughfare at peak times to avoid speed cameras and traffic on the South Circular Road. Sandhurst Road is completely unfit for the large flow of traffic going through, especially such a large number of heavy vehicles.

In addition, the current speed limit of 20 miles per hour should be much more clearly marked. There is a 20mph sign at the bottom of the street close to the junction of Sangley Road but it is very small and not very visible”
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