The Apple Tree project at Goldsmiths Community Centre Catford


Goldsmiths Community Centre is crowdfunding to help further support our local community. We’re nearly there, but we just need a few more supporters to reach our goal!

The Apple Tree project at Goldsmiths is about creating a community cafe and shop within the centre. The main focus of the cafe will be to provide a welcoming space for older people in the area. We’ll have a history group so residents can reminisce about the past and we’ll ensure our cafe is Dementia-friendly. We’ll also provide volunteering and training opportunities to unemployed young people in the area.

Please have a look at our Crowd Funder campaign page for more details about how this project will benefit our local community

We already have over 70 supporters, which shows there’s real community support for the project. We only need £1281 to reach our goal, but if we don’t make it, we won’t be able to keep any of the pledges from our generous supporters. The sooner we get pledges in, the more chance they have of inspiring others to pledge as well. So, if this is something you’d like to see happen and you’d like to donate any amount whatsoever to ensure we reach the remaining £1,281 necessary you can click on the link below to make your pledge.

Support The Apple Tree and the people of North Downham. Make your pledge here

This is a dynamic project we expect will grow with time. The Crowdfunder campaign will help us kickstart the cafe and shop, but we have lots of plans for activities, improved wheelchair access, and other developments we’ll be looking to fund in the future as well. Any pledge would have a lasting legacy as the shop and cafe will provide future income, ensuring the centre’s sustainability.

Thanks to everyone for your support.


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