Better ThamesLink Service? A Cinderella Line – Sign the Petition by 27 July


Better Trains? Let’s Seal The Deal
Nearly 3,000 of you signed up to support our requests for the new Thameslink Timetable. We asked for:

– More rush hour services
– Services to go beyond Blackfriars
– Four trains an hour minimum
– No station skipping to give a consistent service
Sign Up to Seal the Deal
Thameslink have agreed to give us the services that we want, as long as we can show there is enough public support for these changes.

But to get this we need 3,000 or more responses by 27th July.
So now we have to do it again – or better. Tell Thameslink you’re sure you want it. Let’s show them what a local response really looks like.

All you need to do is complete the survey HERE and say you agree


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