The Herbert protocol – Helping you when caring vulnerable Adult including someone with Dementia


Helping you when caring vulnerable Adult including someone with Dementia

Our very own PC Andrew Reading from the Catford South Safer Neighbourhood Team got in touch to tell us about The Herbert protocol:

Herbert Protocol is a scheme that provides police and other agencies with information regarding missing persons which is quick and effective. The forms can be completed by individual carers as well as care homes and stored locally. If someone goes missing the forms are handed to police and the information and photo are used to locate the missing person. When the person is located the form is then returned to the carer.
As a dementia friendly ward I thought this would be a great idea, as the longer someone is missing the greater the chance of harm.
PC Reading

Down load the questionnaire and guidance notes on filling it in:

The purpose of this questionnaire is to record pertinent information about the person you care for – this will be used by the police and search teams in the event that the person goes missing. Once completed please keep this questionnaire in a safe place and produce to the police in the event of an emergency. This vital information will help the search teams to gather all the relevant information and begin searching. Recording this information ahead of time and keeping it regularly updated will greatly reduce stress associated with trying to recall detailed information in an emergency situation. If possible, please also attach a clear and recent head and shoulders photograph to this form.
If the person you care for goes missing, without delay ring 999, complete as best you can the “Missing Now ” section and hand to police when they attend your location.


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