Catford South Assembly Marketplace Event – Who to vote for and how!


Catford South Local Assembly Meeting – Welcome to our Market Place Event!
Date: Wednesday 1 November 2017
Time: 7-9pm,
Place: St Laurence Community Hall, 37 Bromley Road, Catford, SE6 2TS

What’s happening at the next local assembly meeting

Here is a bit more detail about what to expect at our marketplace event

Please use the main entrance (Bromley Road) on arrival.
You must ‘sign in’ in order to be given a voting card.
We will be providing light refreshments from local café Archibald’s Catford to keep you going

How you vote on the night
• You will be given a voting card on entry to the marketplace event. One voting card per person.
• To be eligible to vote you must live, work or learn in Catford South ward – please add your postcode on the card
• Use the first 45 minutes to talk to organisations hoping to win your vote, before making your decisions.
• The funding booklet gives you information on the projects, you will be given this on arrival
• To vote please place a tick next to your preferred projects on the card
• You must vote for 5 projects.
• Cards that vote for less than 5 projects will NOT be counted
• Put your voting card in the box by 8pm. Any cards submitted after this time will NOT be counted
• We will do everything we can to announce the successful projects on the night if this is viable. It is paramount that the outcome of the vote is accurate.
• Enjoy the rest of your evening chatting to local groups and organisations.

We understand that it is very frustrating for members of our community who struggle to make meetings in the evening and therefore don’t get a chance to vote. We have been having discussions about potentially finding ways to vote online, as well as on the night, in the future. At the moment we have to ensure consistency across all 18 local assemblies. We hope that the voting system we are using this time on the night will ensure a good spread of projects can be funded. It has been used successfully in other wards this year. Thank you for your patience while we work this out going forward.

Below is a little bit more detail about each of the projects local organisations are hoping you will support on the night at the event – they have been detailed in alphabetical order

Catford Arts – The Catford Arts Gallery.
The second Catford Arts Trail was a great success and showed that there is a real appetite and need to provide more access to the visual arts and opportunities for artists and visitors in Catford.
Having a specific space in Central Catford where anyone can access visual art and craft during all usual shop opening hours and beyond is something our area would really benefit from. There are so few opportunities for this at the moment and almost nowhere to see and buy art, gifts and craft. The proposed programme of regular changing artists using the Gallery will also ensure great variety with something for everyone throughout the year. It will not get stagnant or boring!
Catford needs more of this to develop a thriving creative community to be proud of!
A number of options are being considered for the right place to site the Gallery and pop up events are being discussed in the meantime. We have some funding in place to start the process but need to find some extra match funding to ensure we can secure and fit out the space to a high standard, cover opening and pop up events and subsidise hiring costs for artists as well as reserving dates for free community use.
The Gallery will be run by our great team of local volunteers on a not for profit basis available to hire at cost price or less to local artists and makers to run their own exhibition and events. We have 108 artists currently in the group of which many have already expressed an interest in helping set up and hire the space.

Corbett Community Library – Buggy Shelters for under 5’s events
Since taking over the Torridon Road Library and the adjacent Children’s Centre from the Council in October 2016 and April 2017 respectively the Corbett Community Centre has developed twenty two activities a week for residents to include the following specifically for Under 5s and their parents.
Baby Bounce sessions x 2, ‘Trois Petit Chats’ French Singing Group, Stay and Play, Breastfeeding Café, Music with Hessie and Diane, Story Time, Sparkle Music – Songs and Rhymes, Craft Activities, Colouring Club and Baby Clinic.
All activities are run by volunteers and are free to ensure they are inclusive to all.
All Under 5 activities give opportunities for parents and their children to bond together to increase their combined learning experience, to make new friends and share experiences and for mothers to be supported if they feel lonely or depressed, especially after Childbirth
The purchase and installation of two secure Buggy Shelters at the Corbett Community Centre will allow for buggies to be parked outside the building in a secure environment to ensure health and safety requirements are met. Currently, there is not a dedicated space available for parking buggies within the Centre.
When buggies are parked in a group inside the building they block routes to fire exits and create barriers for residents wishing to use the library. The construction of secure buggy shelters will allow parents to attend activities knowing their buggies are safe and not creating health and safety issues and preventing other activities from taking place.

Corbett Residents Association – Catford Fireworks Event
The Corbett Residents Association (CRA) was set up in 2010 due to poplar demand from the local community. Our aim is to hold community events, we have organised many events including firework display, quiz evenings, Easter-Egg hunts, big lunches and more. We organise skills swapping to assist the community. We identify and offer help to vulnerable residents so they have a safe port of call for assistance e.g. shopping or lawn moving. The CRA acts as an advocate for improvements to our neighbourhood local facilities e.g. parking, fly tipping anti-social behaviour etc.
Or annual firework event brings together local residents while our stalls and entertainment encourages personal interactions. The whole event is delivered by local residents and encourages a sense of pride. The event is open to everyone and is an excellent opportunity for other local organisations to engage with the community of Catford South. The event is very family friendly and people from across the whole ward and beyond are encouraged to attend. The event is promoted as widely as possible using all available channels.
Our event is a free professional firework display, with pre display entertainment.
This year we raised half the funds needed through crowd funding and sponsorship, which the Local Assembly had asked us to look into, to great success confirming buy-in from the local community. All money raised from the event is put back into the community. Previously the CRA has made a donation to provide a buggy shelter for the Healthy Lifestyle Centre at Abbotshall Road. The CRA and the Archibald Corbett Society (ACS) have also come together to run the Corbett Community Library on Torridon Road in Catford.

Diamond Club – Holidays From Home on Tour
Holiday at Home on tour hope to extend the “Holiday at Home Scheme” delivered this summer at Hartley Hall and provide three days of activities for older residents at three different venues across Catford South and ending with a finale day for all to celebrate Age.
The project recognises that the summer holidays can be a lonely time for older people when families are away and organisations closed and so will provide a holiday type experience in fully accessible environments for people unable to get away themselves.
Building on the success of this summer’s fun-filled, happy and supported programme where people enjoyed all the fun of the seaside and being on holiday, three additional venues will provide three themed days for up to 60 people each day – a total of 180, including those living with Dementia.
On these themed days they will enjoy for example Seaside fun with games, Morris dancing, sing a longs, a movie day showing a classic film with popcorn and a visit from the ice cream van. The third day might be a Carnival day with West Indian themed Refreshments and memorabilia, entertainment and the opportunity to have photos taken with props and accessories.
Each of the holidays will be tweaked to suit each location and group of elders. All the activities will be resourced where possible from local talent, community ventures and businesses, extending the benefit into the wider community, A Morris dancing team, an African dance facilitator and several singers have agreed to run workshops.

HLC Community Garden & Allotment
HLC Community Garden Allotment
The group is based at the Healthy Lifestyle Centre, Abbotshall Road, Catford, SE6, with beautiful olive, plum and apple trees, a native hedge around the large perimeter, four raised beds, one for herbs and the others rotated to grow a variety of vegetables.
Our vision is to transform the green space into a working community garden, with volunteers to help in planning, digging, weeding and planting. Encouraging everyone within the community to use the space regularly and get involved in the maintenance and work together learning skills and socialise in a safe environment.
We want to attract people of all abilities and ages. We believe that this could improve community links and bring people together whilst sharing a new interest in a fun way.
An already accomplished project recently, included children from Torridon Infants School, working with us to help design and build a wildlife garden. This was a huge success and created a pond and a bug hotel and an area to admire and enjoy.
The Facebook group, Email address, forward planning calendar and risks assessment of the activities are all set up and we are raring to go!
Now crucially, we urgently need essential tools and equipment and a decent storage space. We need quality hand tools like spades, shovels, hoes, wheelbarrows, gardening gloves, Hi Visibility PPE, First Aid kit and a small shed to store them all. Then we can start to take on more keen members and really get down to the hard work.

Lewisham Tigers Football Development
We have a number of developmental plans for the year 2017/18.
These include development of new teams, coaches and our established coaches and purchasing additional equipment required with the addition of 2 new teams. Your funding will helps us with this exciting new project
We want two volunteer adults to take the level 1 coaching certificate for both new teams at under 8 & 9. This will be our 3rd year as an affiliated club playing mini soccer/Youth football. The club has double in size in that time, from 3 teams and young children to the 7 teams and 66 young children/members we have today. We play in an FA affiliated League, which ranges from September to May. We were lucky to have lots of enthusiastic children who were eager to join us.
We pride ourselves in being an inclusive club and we represent the diverse community we live in.. Keeping costs down, accepting children, irrespective of ability. We feel we have been able to grow as a club and bring in many more local children as we maintain values, embedding basic skills, enhancing the enjoyment of the game, developing healthy lifestyles and creating a new generation of talented players. A team must have a coach who has passed a certificate of coaching which is called level 1. So, an enthusiastic parent, however keen, cannot coach a team.
Your support will help us provide that safe and positive alternative place to go other than playing on the streets, helping young people realise their potential, developing personal skills and confidence as we continue the opportunity of an introduction into football regardless of ability, sex, religion and ethnic background.
With an aim to improve the performance of players, coaches and volunteers within the club.

Magpie Dance Company – Youth Group Class development
About Magpie Dance: We are a South East London dance charity for people with learning disabilities. Since 1985, we have been running quality dance classes for children and adults.
Our proposal: Our unique inclusive dance method enables our participants to gain significant life, social and communication skills with measurable health and wellbeing benefits. Currently we do not deliver youth classes in Lewisham though many of our participants live in Lewisham.
To increase access to our classes for children in Lewisham we propose to start a new weekly Magpie Dance Junior class in Catford South. To achieve this, we will use the applied funds to offer three taster sessions in Catford South to up to 60 children and young people with learning disabilities. This will help us to understand the local need before starting a permanent weekly Magpie Dance Junior Class in September 2018.
The taster will be a two-hour inclusive dance session using live music delivered by our highly experienced lead facilitator, an assistant facilitator, musician, two volunteers and up to three peer mentors (Magpie Dance participants who have completed our peer mentor programme). Participants will be introduced to our non-verbal communication and collaborative methods in a safe, fun and highly responsive environment. To make this happen we will work with local youth, support and health organisations.
Why you should vote for our proposal: Our dance sessions offer positive benefits to our young participants including communication skills, confidence, finding their artistic voice and identify, dance and coordination skills, leadership skills, friendships and health and wellbeing. Your vote will mean we can offer dance opportunities to more children and young people with learning disabilities in Catford South.

Ravensbourne Resident Association
Our aim is to represent those parts of Catford South not covered by existing Residents Associations (Culverley Green and Corbett.) Starting immediately with the roads listed below then in the New Year all other eligible roads as funding permits.
Our part of the ward is a great place to live but until now there has been no clear voice addressing resident’s concerns including fly tipping, non-resident parking, anti-social noise, planning issues and the dreadful ex scaffolding site on the corner of Randlesdown Road (part of our ward). We will take up these and other issues as decided by our members, and if agreed one of our first tasks will be a membership survey to determine our priorities.
We will welcome all who live in our part of Catford South (our community). We will be independent and non-political, representing the interests of our community to local businesses, partners and agencies including Lewisham Council and the Metropolitan Police.
Members meetings will be held at least four times a year. Ways to contact each other will include these meetings plus newsletters, the internet and social media, and face to face discussions.
The money we are seeking is a one off request to help cover start-up costs and we will be self-financing thereafter. We understand other Residents Associations have received similar financial support in the past.
Our first meeting will be at Catford and Bromley Synagogue Crantock Road on 7 November at
Roads included in our first phase are:
Crantock, Callander, Daneby, Bellingham, Thornsbeach (from top of Inchmery to Bellingham Road) Barmeston, Charsley, Aitken, Bromley (bottom of Callander to Bellingham Road)
We want to make a positive contribution to where we live and hope to secure your support.

Science of Boxing – Unity in Boxing
Science of Boxing have been established since 2014 as a non – profit community interest group. Science of Boxing was founded by Richard Williams, a successful Boxing Coach with a proven track record of working with and transforming young people at risk or involved in anti-social behaviour.
Science of Boxing initially began by teaching young people how to box in local open spaces in/around Bellingham and Catford wards in Lewisham.
Science of Boxing aims to promote community participation in healthy recreation, particular by the provision of training for amateur non – contact boxing in the Catford/Bellingham area for disadvantaged youth. We seek to engage with the age 11- 25 years old category, through the sport of Boxing. We work best with those who are at risk of engaging in criminal activities and those who have been victims of crime, and build the confidence up of these groups of young people.
Our vision is to get more people heathy through exercise and the educating of good nutrition. Helping more people to get active and stay active and to improve community relations is our goal.
Promoting boxing as an enjoyable confidence building sport and teaching the discipline of training will we hope in turn – give young people a sense of purpose, wanting to give back to their community and help transform their lives in a positive way.

Urban Dandelion We are Catford South – Reminiscence group
We Are Catford South reminiscence project started in June 2017 engaging residents who have lived in the area for a long time collecting and bringing to life people’s personal life and the different aspects of life in Catford South going back to the 1930s.
Using objects, photos and music of days gone by, a pictures were created of the local area with horse drawn carts selling milk and coal, walking along verdant lane as children when it was a countryside lane, listening to music and radio programmes and descriptions of the shopping parades, including trips to the shop to top up the battery of a radio which was at the centre of family home entertainment and information.
The group has continued to meet weekly with tea coffee, cakes, stories and lots of laughter well beyond June when the project was due to end. We continue to collect stories bringing items to share stories around and collecting material to create an exhibition and possibly for use in schools.
We visited Surrey Docks farm following the theme of WW2 and growing your own food, keeping chickens and visiting the blacksmith who had an important job keeping horses shod to make delivery rounds of essential household items
The funding will be used to provide refreshments for the group, fund transport for 3 trips out, design and print of publicity postcards and stationery and training for a reminiscence volunteer to keep the group going and encourage more people to come along.

We hope to see you at the meeting – want to find out who else you can talk to click here


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