No-one needs to be alone in Lewisham on Christmas Day


Christmas Cheer around the Borough
No-one needs to be alone in Lewisham on Christmas Day

Every year, Lewisham Pensioners forum in partnership with the positive Ageing Council, help get together a list of Christmas day lunches for people who may find themselves alone on Christmas day.

From Deptford to Perry Rise there are churches and cafes offering lunch and friendship on 25 December, some drop-in, some needing
to be booked in advance.
Lewisham Pensioners Forum (020 8690 7869) have compiled this list, a piece of work undertaken in good faith and as accurate as we
can make it at the time of printing (early November), so please don’t hold them to blame if something’s missing which should be there,
or if arrangements have changed since they went to press with their list – if you know of an organisation or restaurant helping to bring Christmas cheer on Christmas Day itself, please let us know and we can add it to the list on this web page.

Lewisham Pensioners Forum stress the below:
Please, if you book into a lunch and arrange transport but then find you’re spending the day with family or friends after all, LET THE ORGANISERS KNOW!
Otherwise there can be a very difficult situation for the unfortunate driver — with other people on the list to pick up — having to get hold of the emergency services on Christmas Day (when they are extra busy) simply because you’re not there to answer a door-bell.

Here is the list of lunches

Deptford Methodist Church, 1 Creek Road, SE8 3BT
A 10.30 service or just come along at 11.30 for welcome, tea and coffee. Then a 3 -course lunch (tell them in advance of dietary requirements) followed by games and entertainment, finishing at 3.30. Phone Nerissa on 020 8692 0048 to confirm numbers and discuss transport.

All Saints, Monson Road, SE14 5EH
Mass in the Community Hall at 11am, then drop in for traditional lunch starting at around 1pm, followed by an afternoon of great entertainment and tea with cakes and sandwiches. No charge for anything. Phone Father Owen on 020 7639 3497 as some transport may be available.

Cummin’ Up Restaurant & Take-away 389 Lewisham High Street, SE13 6NZ
Richard Simpson and his family cook traditional British Christmas Day fare (including Brussels sprouts!), plus jerk chicken, rice & peas and mixed salad—1pm to 6pm.

St Johns, off Lewisham Way,
Lunch from 12.30 to 3pm—phone Peter on 020 8692 2857 to book in advance and ask about limited transport options.

Perry Rise Baptist Church, Perry Rise, SE23 2QL

Traditional turkey and Christmas pudding, with an option of being picked up and dropped home. Free, but not a drop-in. Please phone VSL on 020 8291 1747 as soon as possible to make arrangements, or else call in at the Voluntary Services Lewisham office, in the Leeemore Centre, 29-39 Clarendon Rise, SE13 5ES to fill in the form.

And on Boxing Day, Tuesday 26th December – The Hill Station, Kitto Road, SE14 5TY (close to the 343 and 484 bus routes)
Open from 12noon to about 4pm. Anyone feeling the let-down after Christmas is welcome to come along and bring any leftovers they have to share, or just bring themselves! There will be hot drinks, biscuits, cake and company. All free.


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  1. Anything planned for people alone on xmas day 2018? I live near Catford not yet eldery but have disability non christian I don’t want to be alone at xmas again! Thanks

    • LucyLoveCat on

      I’m just putting the page up now for 2018.
      The offer is much the same as last year.
      Thank you

    • LucyLoveCat on

      The lunches for Christmas day are now on the Love Catford website…just go to home and its a featured post.
      Thanks for getting in touch

  2. LucyLoveCat on

    HI. They are run by Churches with support of older peoples organisations mainly but I dot think there are any age restrictions. please give them a call if you are unsure, they will be happy to talk to you.

  3. Are these events for people off all ages or any for elderly people? If only for elderly people, from what age is this?

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