Catford South Metropolitan Police – Scams and Burglaries


The Little Book of Big Scams  and the Little Book of Cyber Scams will hopefully make us all a little bit more aware of the threats we face off- and on-line from fraudsters. Please feel free to download them from the links above if you do not have them already.

You should also be aware of a burglary trend which has now reached Catford South. Thieves are targeting houses with high value cars out the front of the property and are gaining access to the house by putting an implement through the letter box and pulling the inside handle down thus opening the door, they then steal car keys which they use to take the cars. It is usually the PVC/double glazed style doors that allow this. The problem is that people pull the handle up to secure the door but it needs to be locked with a key to make it secure. Please don’t leave the key in the lock and do not leave it in sight. Some doors are vulnerable when an implement is used to move the bottom lever which then causes the other levers to disengage. Locking with a key also makes these secure.

These burglaries have occurred in the surrounding areas and we have only had one but that is one too many.

PC 995 Andrew Reading
Catford South Metropolitan Police



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