Lewisham Anti Idling Campaign Event – Catford, Friday 26 Jan 2018


Lewisham Idling Action Day
Holbeach Primary School is one of the first schools in the borough backed by the Mayor of London to run an Anti Idling Campaign (leaving engines running while stationary) on Friday 26th January.
Date: FRIDAY 26th January 2018
Time: 2pm – 3:30 pm
Place: Holbeach Primary School, Nelgarde Rd, London SE6 4TP
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Air pollution is a particular concern for child health, as it can stunt lung growth and affect lung capacity. Leaving engines running while stationary is simply an unnecessary source of air pollution. And combating this is particularly important in locations where there are high numbers of idling vehicle engines, such as outside schools.

The Anti Idling event at Holbeach will be structured as follows:

2.00pm – Parents and volunteers interested in joining the campaign should arrive for a brief training session
2.45pm – The volunteers will take to the streets to engage with parents arriving to pick up their children.

This anti-idling campaign is all about Parent / People Power and helping to keep parents and drivers informed of the impact that idling and parking near the school entrance are having on the health of our children.

You are more exposed to pollution when sitting in your car with the engine on than if you are walking past outside, and it is evident that this information is not known by a large number of parents, so please help us to spread the word!

The more people who can make it on the afternoon of the 26th the more of an impact this campaign will have. (If you can’t make it but can help spread the word to other parents and fellow people of Catford that would be a great help!)

For more information please visit the anti idling website:

And you can follow updates and general information about the event through our twitter account:@HolbeachFriends
Email: friendsofholbeach@gmail.com
Facebook: Friends of Holbeach School (Catford)

We look forward to seeing you there!


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