Catford Film Screening – The Florida Project – 25th March 2018


Catford Film are delighted to be screening the critically acclaimed and awards nominated ‘The Florida Project

Date: Sunday 25 March 2018
Place: Catford Constitutional Club, Catford Broadway
Time: From 7pm, best seats to those who get their first
Cost: FREE
Be amongst the first to experience this MUST SEE film, fresh from its Oscar nomination for Willem Dafoe’s supporting actor role as Bobby the Motel Manager.

Set amongst families living on the poverty line in a series of
budget motels in Orlando, THE FLORIDA PROJECT follows the summer adventures of two 6-year-old girls, Moonee and Jancey. Living in neighbouring motels, Moonee and Jancey, and their friends Scooty and Dickey run amok unsupervised, frequently getting under the feet of Bobby, the tough-but-tender manager of the Magic Castle Motel, where Moonee lives with her explosive 22-year-old mother Halley. Inspired by the Hal Roach Our Gang films of the 1920s and ’30s, the perils and pleasures of childhood have never felt so vivid or alive

*** Reviews ***

TOTAL FILM – Poverty and poetry, delinquency and deluxe wonder,
this child’s-eye view of lives on a knife-edge is terrific.

TIME OUT – Indie wunderkind Sean Baker continues his celebration of communities on the margins, in a movie that vibrates with compassion and energy.

EMPIRE – Vibrant and brimming with vitality, this is empathic towards its subjects but fiercely critical of the system that victimises them. The performances of Vinaite, Dafoe and Prince will stay with you

VARIETY – As a filmmaker, Baker is a graceful neorealist voyeur who thrives on improvisation, and his storytelling, in The Florida Project, is mostly just a series of anecdotes. But that turns out to be enough


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