Presentations from the Catford South Assembly – March 2018


Thank you so much to everyone who came along to our assembly meeting on the 17th of March
It was a freezing snowy Saturday morning, and 100 of you came along to get involved. Your commitment to your community is fantastic.
Another big thank you to all the speakers and stall holders. We really appreciate you giving up your time on a weekend to help the community be more informed.

This is a brief post containing MOST of the presentations from the meeting if you need to refer to them, or were not able to attend.

HMOs Homes Under Multiple Occupancy. – Emma Talbot, head of Lewisham Planning and Marueen Peart, Housing Licencing Officer

Sangley Road / Sandhurst Parade improvements Update – Helen McConnell, FM Conways




Catford Clean Air Group – Anthony Crowther

Team Catford – Deborah Efemini
Unfortunately the fantastic presentation from Team Catford is too big to upload to our website. We will try and get this to you in other ways. YOU CAN ADD YOUR THOUGHTS AND COMMENTS TO THE COMMON PLACE MAP ON THEIR WEBSITE: Team Catford

We were also treated to a fantastic presentation from the Carmel at the Broadway Theatre, they didn’t give a Powerpoint presentation so details of what they said will go up as soon as possible


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