A little thank you to Catford South


A little thank you!

Dear Catford South
I would just like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has worked with us and been involved with the Catford South Local Assembly, and Love Catford through our website, facebook and twitter in 2018.
Our meetings are the best attended and most diverse in the entire borough and we really appreciate the support and work you put into making your ward a better place to be. I especially want to thank Liz P, Lorraine P, David H and Barbara G for their incredible support as Love Catford volunteers.

I would also like to give big love to the amazing Resident Associations we have in our ward – Culverley Green RA, Corbett RA and Ravensbourne RA – all are led by wonderful committed volunteers who are working tirelessly to improve the outcomes for residents in their immediate areas.

To those that have worked tirelessly in our community organisations and at our community settings, Abbotshall HLC, Corbett Library, Arts and Heritage Centre, Hartley Hall, St Laurence centre, St Andrews and more…thank you bringing fantastic opportunities to residents through the activities they run, service they provide and commitment to keep pushing the boundaries of what they provide on very little funding.

To our faith groups, nurseries, schools and community organisations who have engaged so much with the assembly this year and do an incredible job to support and improve the lives of our residents from the youngest to the oldest – we salute you!

to our Dementia Friend Champions, local dementia friendly organisations and to Good Food Catford, who continue to support people in the ward living with dementia and their families, Catford South has maintained their accreditation from the Alzheimer’s society as a Dementia Friendly Community thanks to your efforts and support.

Thank you to the coordinating group and councillors of the Catford South ward, for championing the issues of local people and ensuring the issues are raised and tackled every day and putting up with this development officer 😉

A bubbly thanks to Team Catford for working so hard as part of the regeneration of Catford Town Centre to help us find the love and again and have given us so many fantastic events this year from the beer festival to the drone school, plus provided catford with their very own food market, pop up shop (Catford cornucopia) and even our own brands of Gin AND Beer. You have really put Catford on the Map and helped bring the community together. Remember you can still put your thoughts about Catford on the map.

Thank you to those who bring us all a bit of culture into our lives, such as the Catford Film Festival and the Catford Artist Trail, both starting right here in Catford South, St Andrews Choir, Vocalise, Hummy Mummies, the Broadway Theatre and so many more besides.

And finally, to ALL residents and volunteers – who love where they live and care enough to show up and put themselves out there for the benefit of their community. A big Christmas hug to all, I am very proud to work with you.

To everyone who has given of themselves to help and support others, we wish you a very merry Christmas, happy holidays and a happy and healthy new year!


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Hi. I am the coordinator for the Catford South Local Assembly and a friend of all things Catford :-)

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