Abbotshall Road HLC – January Activity Schedule


We are delighted to share with you the January schedule of activities at Abbotshall Road Healthy Lifestyle centre

Save Abbotshall Road Healthy Lifestyle Centre campaign
An absolutely HUGE THANK YOU to all our supporters, we’ve hit our target…


We really can use every penny you donate and more, if we’re to keep the HLC going as a community run hub.

Many of you have asked how our funds will used, the following outlines our immediate plans.

Recently funding grants for the HLC have come to an end and no further grants have currently been applied for. This means existing classes are no longer subsidised as they were, and HLC staff who were paid through those grants are now effectively working voluntarily.

During this interim period, we’re hoping the Crowdfund campaign will generate funding to fill that gap, pay the staff in some way and keep the existing classes and centre running. It will also buy us time to put in future grant applications and hopefully restore and improve the functioning of the centre over time.


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