Catford South Local Assembly Meeting – 9 July 2019


Save The Date Catford South.
Our local assembly meeting has been scheduled for July!!

Date: Tuesday 9 July 2019
Time: 7 – 9pm
Place: St Laurence Church, Main Hall, 37 Bromley Road Catford SE6 2TS

This event will have an array of speakers, then we will seamlessly move into a mega market place, where you can chat to lots of local groups and hear about the great things they are doing and maybe even get involved.

As always the incredible Team Catford will be there to hear you thoughts for Catford in the regeneration. You can continue to add your thoughts to the Common Place map, or see what others are saying.

As we get speakers and stall holders booked in we will add these to this page and keep you updated.

Looking forward to seeing you on the 9th of July!


About Author

Hi. I am the coordinator for the Catford South Local Assembly and a friend of all things Catford :-)


  1. Alphonse Streeter on

    Dear Catford Residents Association.
    Can you please tell me if you are going to resume the monthly meetings when it is safe to do so.
    Best wishes, Alphonse Streeter.

  2. Harry Lambert on

    Please bring up DOGSMUCK at the next meeting. It needs to be dealt with once and for all. People have got a number of ideas for dealing with th problem. So please allow us to have our say. Regards Harry Lambert

  3. Freddy Cooper. on

    Good morning to you Bonny Catfordites. I have just moved into Catford from Derby and am shocked at the amount of dogdirt in the area. It’s disgugusting. I understand that you have a local assembly to talk about local matters. Can we talk dogdirt at the meeting, there are things called poovers around that go round and collect up dogpoo. Can Lewisham council fork out for a fleet of POOVERS. There’s so much dogdirt about I should say Greetings DOGFORDITES. I don’t want to make a meal of DOGMUCK it’s got an acquired taste but something should be done about dogdirt. Surely I’m not the only one to be sickened by dogdirt.
    Thanks. Freddy. Cooper.

  4. Marcus Davidson on

    Marcus Davidson. When are you going to announce the date of the next Catford meeting. You must put dogmess on the agenda. What I would do is get the Catford DOGMUCK Police to rub the owners noses in the offending mess. What think you Catfordites? Marcus.

  5. Alec Bew on

    You say that you have had a number of initiatives on dogmess, but they don’t seem to work. My solution is simple. Rub the owners noses in the turds. That would soon stop the culprits. The silly thing is that you would be charged with assault. Can’t we recruit some dog muck police. Don’t mess around!

  6. Pedro Gonzalez on

    Hi. Can you please tell us when the next Catford South meeting will be held? A number of us would like to bring up DOGMUCK. Many thanks. Pedro Gonzalez.

  7. Annie wimbush on

    You can see that dog dirt is causing a real stink in Catford. So please, please, please, do something about it.

  8. Bonny Laxton on

    Can I please add my little bit to the dog dirt issue. So much hot air but nothing is done. The streets and parks are full of the stuff and it is a real health hazard. I would like the council to appoint some big burly chaps to rub the offenders noses in the turds. Sounds a bit drastic but can any Catfordite think of anything more effective? No. I thought not.

  9. Harley Cooper on

    Can I please add my bit to the dog mess? I don’t think you will ever stamp it out because it is so ingrained and more and more poople are getting pooches. But please put dog mess on the next agenda. Many thanks and best wishes.

  10. Nicky Luckhurst on

    Can we have a meeting devoted to the question of dog mess at the next Catford meeting? It’s a horrendous problem around here. I’ve had my fill of dog mess and want to kick up a stink.

  11. Marnie Jacobs on

    Dear Carter da Silva. I sympathise with you over dog muck in Catford and Lewisham. I have lived all over the country and they are the filthiest places I have ever seen for dog turds. Do Catfordites love canine turdies?
    Kick up a stink.

  12. Tarmin Clayton on

    Dear Vic. You say above that Catfordites make a meal of dogmuck. Could you be a dear and ask them for the recipe. I bet it’s mouthwatering.

  13. Hubert Campbell on

    Why are you Catfordites absolutely crazy about dog turds? you are so sniffy.

  14. Anton Livesey on

    There is so much dogmuck in Catford that Catfordites are taking the matter in their own hands. Somebody says that they are a friend of all things Catford. Even DOGMESS? I heard two proper Catfordites talking about dogmuck in Rushey Green. One said Catford is all DOGMESS. The other said You are always complaining about dog dirt. What do you expect round here? You want jam on it!

  15. The banners above say Love it Lewisham. You people are DOGMUCK crazy. Love It indeed. I can think of nothing worse than the stinky stuff. It’s horrible. I’ve had my nose rubbed in it, so I should know.

    • Harry Lunn on

      Dear Vic. You are so right. Catfordites are crazy about DOG TURDS. it’s filthy I know but just do what We do and TAKE IT in YOUR STRIDE.

  16. Seeing the previous comment about Dog Mess in Lewisham, I notice that the banners say Love it Lewisham so how can you stop dog fouling in the area? Even the locals have fallen for it.

  17. Carter da Silva on

    Can you please discuss the problem of DOG MUCK in Lewisham and Catford? Whenever I go out, which isn’t very often, my flat always stinks of the stuff. I always get into a scrape. Can I please present a motion at the meeting?

    • LucyLoveCat on

      Thanks for the comment.
      The agenda is fixed for this meeting now – but I will definitely take it to the co group as a potential agenda item for the next one. We have had a number of community initiatives to try and sort this enormous problem, but we are always looking forward to hearing new ideas. Please come and have a chat with me at the assembly meeting.
      Thanks again.

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