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Join the Catford South Assembly Co Group

Ever get our public meeting publicity through your door, on into your inbox and think these meetings aren’t for you? Ever think that the items on the agenda don’t raise the issues you care about – Well, do something about it!

The Catford South Coordinating group is a small group of lovely local, passionate residents who care about their area.
Being on the Catford South assembly co group asks very little of you for a big impact. We meet to discuss local
issues that have been raised in our community, discuss how to tackle them.

You will plan the agenda for the public meeting and with the assembly’s help, agree on how any community funding
should be spent.

The co group meet for 2 hours, 3-4 times a year, at Corbett Library – or you can always face time/ skype in as well if you can’t be there in person.

We are especially looking to improve the diversity of your group and are very interested in hearing the views of our younger residents. There is no lower age limit to attending but you will need parental consent if you are under 18. If you have an interest in local politics, want to get some good volunteering experience that will be great for your CV and university or apprenticeship personal statements – or you just care and want to make a difference – By joining the assembly Co Group you can make a huge difference to your area.

please email Lucy Formolli to discuss joining the group on or DM me on tiwtter at @Love_Catford


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Hi. I am the coordinator for the Catford South Local Assembly and a friend of all things Catford :-)


  1. Brian Burke on

    Happy new year to all Catfordites from Brian Burke.
    Happy slapping started in the Lewisham area about 20 years ago. Now with an outbreak of fierce face smacking all round the district and Catfordites obsession with dog muck, we should rename Catford Land of FACES and FAECES, What do all you bonny Catfordites think? Any offerings (not DOGSMUCK) gratefully received. Regards Burky.

  2. Lilian Monk on

    I know that this sounds weird but can we talk about face smacking at the next meeting. I never believed tales about face smacking in Catford until the other day. I am 85 by the way. A giant of a man I’m only 5 feet 1 came up to me I didn’t know him and put his pony hand right across my cheek and boy did it sting. It’s not good enough when a little old lady can’t go out without fear of being face smacked. Can you please discus the matter at your next meeting. Many thanks. Lilian Monk.

  3. Letitia Lumsden on

    Dear Catford Comitee. I am writing to warn people about an outbreak of face smacking in the Lewisham area where happy slapping broke out years ago. Twice recently I have had complete strangers approach me and face smack me viciously. I am 82 and so frightened that I am now watching people’s hands all the time for fear of getting more scorchers across the cheeks. Somebody suggested dog muck police. Can they also act as smack face police. Many thanks. Letitia Lumsden

  4. Harry Lambert. on

    Please bring up DOGSMUCK at the next meeting, Eunice Mogrum suggestion about DOG DIRT Police in Catford is wonderful and I like my idea of corking Catford dogs bottoms when they are in the street. Two great ideas. Regards Harry Lambert.

  5. Harry Lambert on

    Dear Catford Residents. A friend of mine said he was going to contact you with a suggestion about how to deal with Catford DOGSMUCK. I think it’s the perfect answer to the matter. Lewisham Council should make it a punishable offence for any dog owner to allow their dog outside without their bottom being corked. There used to be a child’s comic either the Dandy or Beano featuring Corky the Cat.. Can Lewisham not have a logo entitled CORKY THE DOG. It would be CATCHY in both senses of the word!! Sorry about the pun!
    Could you please add this to the agenda for the meeting in November. Many thanks, Harry Lambert.
    P.S. A friend of mine said the idea was a CORKER!

  6. Beverley Brook on

    Dear Catford Residents.
    I am puzzled by all the talk about DOGSMUCK in Catford. Everyone seems to be obsessed with it, but on the rare occasions when someone makes a suggestion like having DOGSMUCK POLICE along comes someone to poo poo the idea. We will get nowhere like this. Can we not take a sample of every Catford dogs droppings to establish its DNA and the Catford DOGSMUCK Police can then compare it with the new laid deposit? Seems simple to me. But perhaps I have failed to grasp it. No pun intended. I think the problem is that people moan but will engage in a battle over dogdirt. They have no taste for it. The Catfordite who talks most sense is Eunice Mogrum. Three cheers for Eunice. Best wishes Beverley Brook. Sorry I mean will NOT engage.

  7. Annie Gonzalez on

    Dear Catford South Community.
    I would like to draw your attention to some odd behaviour hat has started up in Lewisham and Catford. Twice recently I have had complete strangers come up to me and smack my face, one was a right scorcher. A fiend of mine has had the same experience. When it happens to you you are watching people’s hands all the time in case they come for your cheeks. Can you please put face smacks on the next meetings agenda. Many thanks. When is the date of the next meeting. Thanks.

  8. Mehmet Zaloum on

    Dear Eunice. I absolutely love your suggestion about Catford Dog Muck Police hiding round corners and darting out when they spy a dog on the job. Regards Mehmet.

  9. Billy Boateng on

    When is the date of the next Catford meeting? Can you please put brownies
    (What Catfordites call dogmuck) on the agenda. It’s a filthy problem in these parts. I’d like to bring up DOGMUCK at the meeting. Thank you.

  10. Egbert Campbell on

    Well said Eunice. DOGMUCK is a real problem in Catford and Lewisham. Why it should be I don’t know. Are there a lot of very mucky dogs in the area. Has anyone thought of corking dogs bottoms. I put my foot in a dollop the other night and didn’t know and spread it all over the house. The stink was foul.
    I still don’t know when the next Catford meeting will be but I would like to talk about dog mess at it.

  11. Darnley Owuhu on

    What is it about you Catfordites? You seem to talk about nothing except Dogmess will there be any on the nex agenda

  12. Penny Philpott on

    Dear Catford South Assembly Co Group. Are you the people to speak to about catford matters. I would like to ask you to discuss dog muck at the next meeting. Thanks.

  13. Bobby Lumsden on

    Will someone please tell me when the next Catford South meeting takes place. Everyone talks about the business of dog mess but no one does anything about it. Well smoke my DOG MUCK. Come on all you good Catfordites and get down to the next meeting and let everyone know that we’ve had our fill of dog dirt. We can’t stomach any more. Fed up to the back teeth with it. It makes you sick. Sorry about my tirade but I think that dog mess is foul. Best wishes and thanks. Bobby Lumsden.

  14. Rani Vashwanagar on

    Dear Eunice. I saw your email where it said you recently put your foot in a huge dollop of DOG MESS. I am sorry to read that but was it a slimy dollop. I saw a chap the other day slide through a slimy dollop if horrid slimy DOG MUCK. I bet his boots stank to high heaven. And guess where it happened. In the busiest part of Lewisham High Street. Disgusting behaviour by a Lewishamite. I would love to ram it down their throat. Can you please bring up DOG MUCK at the next Catford public meeting. Thanks Rani V.

  15. Emma Judge on

    You say above do something about it but I want to know when you are going to do something about DOGMUCK in Catford. Catford has got a horrible reputation for dog muck. I’m getting a fear of dog muck which isn’t nice. Please please please put DOGMUCK on the next meeting. DOGMUCK makes me sick.

  16. Eunice Mogrum on

    Dear Fellow Catfordites. Can you please bring up dog muck at the next public meeting. It is a horrible problem for Catford. I was walking in Rushey Green the other day and put my foot in a huge lump of dog muck. You could still get a whiff in my flat days after. There are suggestions of dogs in nappies and DOG MUCK police waiting round corners and darting out when they see a dog on the job. All brilliant ideas worth trying. When is the next meeting please. All the best. Eunice Mogrum.

    • Oni Basawelte on

      Dear Yeboah. Yep I agree that Catford folk should drop it when it comes to dog muck but not on the ground. It gets everywhere and the stink is quite horrid.

  17. Yeboah Khoulemein on

    I am tired of all the talk about dog mess in Catford. Have you people got nothing better to talk about? DROP IT!

    • Linton Baines on

      Dear Yeboah. You tell us to drop dogs muck in Catford. But that is what pooches round here do all the time. If they didn’t there wouldn’t be a problem round here. If you don’t keep on the look out all the time you will plant your foot in a big dollop of the stuff which is what I did the other day and believe me it wasn’t too nice. In fact I would say it was pretty horrid. So do us all a favour and join the Catford dogs muck fight,

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