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Join the Catford South Assembly Co Group

Ever get our public meeting publicity through your door, on into your inbox and think these meetings aren’t for you? Ever think that the items on the agenda don’t raise the issues you care about – Well, do something about it!

The Catford South Coordinating group is a small group of lovely local, passionate residents who care about their area.
Being on the Catford South assembly co group asks very little of you for a big impact. We meet to discuss local
issues that have been raised in our community, discuss how to tackle them.

You will plan the agenda for the public meeting and with the assembly’s help, agree on how any community funding
should be spent.

The co group meet for 2 hours, 3-4 times a year, at Corbett Library – or you can always face time/ skype in as well if you can’t be there in person.

We are especially looking to improve the diversity of your group and are very interested in hearing the views of our younger residents. There is no lower age limit to attending but you will need parental consent if you are under 18. If you have an interest in local politics, want to get some good volunteering experience that will be great for your CV and university or apprenticeship personal statements – or you just care and want to make a difference – By joining the assembly Co Group you can make a huge difference to your area.

please email Lucy Formolli to discuss joining the group on or DM me on tiwtter at @Love_Catford


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Hi. I am the coordinator for the Catford South Local Assembly and a friend of all things Catford :-)


  1. Mehmet Zaloum on

    Dear Eunice. I absolutely love your suggestion about Catford Dog Muck Police hiding round corners and darting out when they spy a dog on the job. Regards Mehmet.

  2. Eunice Mogrum on

    Dear Fellow Catfordites. Can you please bring up dog muck at the next public meeting. It is a horrible problem for Catford. I was walking in Rushey Green the other day and put my foot in a huge lump of dog muck. You could still get a whiff in my flat days after. There are suggestions of dogs in nappies and DOG MUCK police waiting round corners and darting out when they see a dog on the job. All brilliant ideas worth trying. When is the next meeting please. All the best. Eunice Mogrum.

  3. Yeboah Khoulemein on

    I am tired of all the talk about dog mess in Catford. Have you people got nothing better to talk about? DROP IT!

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