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Hello from Culverley Green RA

Just to update you all, our CO-OP project which is to raise funds for an information board for the Green has been accepted by them. The board will enable us to give information about the birds and insect life as well as the different tree species and fauna on the Green. Plans are afoot to improve the biodiversity! We are now able to start raising funds through our local co-op. The good news is that if you shop in another co-op but registered locally as long as you have chosen our cause to support the money will come to us!

If you use the co-op and are a member it would be great if you could consider supporting our cause. 1% of what you purchase would be donated to us When you go on to the link and registered( you will need to put your co-op number in) you will be asked to choose the cause you wish to support the 3 nearest causes will come up first.

Here’s the unique link for our cause

Inchmery Road Junction
I know that many of you have been concerned about the narrowing of the junction at Inchmery and Sangley there have already been a couple of crashes and just recently a young boy was knocked down fortunately he was not badly injured but was obviously shaken and was taken to hospital and is now home. I will be writing to Highways and ask what they are going to do about the situation I will also copy our Councillors in – please remember you can put your priorities and issues such as these on the catford south common place map here

Advent Windows
We are now on the second round so if you are feeling creative please let me know with a suggestion of a couple of dates
Christmas Cards
As part of our fundraising effort we are again selling Christmas cards £5 for a pack of 6
Please email me if you would like a pack and I will do my best to deliver them to you

Raise the Railing Mugs
These mugs will be on sale at Good Food and we are very grateful to Vicky for selling them for us


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