There is still time to submit the NCIL funding priorities to improve your ward


Shape the Future of Catford South – NCIL IS HERE!
Good news! There is still time to submit the NCIL funding priorities that you believe will improve your ward – Deadline Extension

Please use this Commonplace website and click on the social media sharing buttons to encourage as many voices to be included as possible.

Add your priorities to the map HERE
More information about NCIL HERE
Check out the comments others have made and don’t forget to like ones you agree with!

Please share this with as many of your local friends and neighbours as possible through all your networks and social media channels, Insta, Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp groups and please help those who are not online to access the tool – lets break the internet with our responses and make real change

The new Ward Assembly meeting dates will be available shortly here and on your ward’s NCIL Commonplace site so please come back and visit soon.

This NCIL funding replaces the local assembly fund so this may be the only chance to access funds for change.
Commonplace is the tool that we are using for our online consultation about your priorities for how we spend the Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy (NCIL) in our wards. We are asking you to submit your priorities for your local areas on the interactive ward map. We have used a similar tool for Catford regeneration consultation – so this should be really easy for you.

The priority themes identified will be discussed at the local assembly meeting in the new year and a final list of priorities will be published.

The Commonplace website will provide more detail about NCIL and the type of areas that can be funded but right now focus on what matters to you and your family in your road, your school, your church, your community group and your whole ward.



Then please put your thoughts on our interactive map NOW!!!


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Hi. I am the coordinator for the Catford South Local Assembly and a friend of all things Catford :-)


    • LucyLoveCat on

      Great comment
      Please make sure you add this directly to the common place map if you haven’t already!

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  2. Maran Obisieu on

    Dear Residents. The best thing to do about Catford Dog Muck is to send a questionnaire to all properties in the area and ask them why they are concerned about dogs muck in Catford and how they would solve this awful problem. My answer would be to make it compulsory to cork dogs bottoms when they are out. That would stop them from fouling. A friend of mine came to Catford recently and was horrified by the quantity of turds everywhere. Pardon the language but he said that Catford is a really crappy place! He is right I regret to say. Regards. Maran Obisieu.

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