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The Council is developing a 10-year Physical Activity and Healthy Lifestyle Strategy for the borough, which we aim in publish later this year. Lewisham Council recognises the power of healthy lifestyles (being physically active with a healthy weight) to increase both the physical and mental wellbeing of its population.

Take the consultation now here- this will take approx 10 minutes

However, too many Lewisham residents are inactive (31.5% of adults are not reaching recommended levels of physical activity) and many fail to maintain a healthy weight (55.6% of adults aged 18+ are classified as overweight or obese).As such, building on the Whole System Approach to Obesity in Lewisham, we are seeking to develop a specific Physical Activity and Healthy Lifestyles Strategy.

The Strategy will develop a clear approach (determined by local priorities and outcomes) to providing effective and sustainable physical activity (including sport) and wider healthy lifestyle opportunities for local communities for the next 10 years.

One of the most important parts of this strategy development is consulting with residents and the wider community to identify their priorities and how we might help them to increase their levels of activity and improve their health.

To assist us in this effort, we are working with FMG, one of the leading management consultancy companies in the UK specialising in sport and leisure.

This online survey should take approximately 15 minutes to complete. Your responses will be anonymous and confidential, though your feedback will be shared with FMG to inform the development of the strategy.

Thank you for your help and support in this matter


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