CRA MapThe Corbett Residents Association (CRA) was set up in 2010 due to popular demand from the local community.  It centres around the Healthy Lifestyle Centre in Abbotshall Rd, Catford, and the surrounding roads. All roads in the Corbett Estate are included in the Association.

The CRA’s aims include:

  • Providing a network for neighbours to meet and get to know one another
  • Hold community events –  annual firework display, quiz evenings, Easter Egg Hunts, Big Lunches and more.
  • Organising skills swapping and garden produce between neighbours, on a ‘quid pro quo’ basis
  • Identifying and offer help to vulnerable residents so they have a safe port of call for assistance, eg shopping or lawn-mowing
  • Acting as an advocate to improve our neighbourhood,  local facilities, parking, streets, anti-social behaviour etc.

Several different groups operate within the Corbett Residents Association, each focusing on a different aspect of the community and each representing different interests.

To learn more visit the CRA website